What is the best Jarl team there is?


Thank you!

Jarl Team ideas

I think this works quite well (at least it does for me):

Ice Witch


I’m having much success with this team:


I’m not saying this is the best team or anything, but it has pretty nice synergy and benefits.

  1. Jarl hits like a truck, feeds yellow mana to Valkyrie and, if you’re lucky, can loop by himself.
  2. Tyri grabs mana, denys mana to the opponent, gets you FREE treasure maps and brings bonus gold.
  3. Valkyrie gets you FREE souls, tons of blue mana for Psion, extra turns.
  4. Psion does TRUE damage to all enemies, steals mana from all enemies and is rather tanky.

Check it out if you have the cards. :slight_smile:


Nice team folks. :slight_smile:


I refuse to set mine on Defense, so I don’t know how it stands up there, but:

Giant Spider***
Infernal King*
Imp of Love***

Some kind of Bromance in killing deck. I prefer Giant Spider over Green Slime, because ideally, I’ll be leaving green on the board for the Infernal King.

I’ve thought about trading Imp of Love for Sheggra, but the Fire Link really helps keep it going.


I use



maybe a stupid question, why dont u use serpent in the first spot?


If Jarl is traited he gets +3 skill in first slot


Not traited yet. And jarl only first trait. Will change it when i have more stones :smiley:


Thanks! Is there any solid teams with sheggra + firemantle?


My Jarl team has always been Jarl , Eternal Flame , Summer Imp, Jarl.


@Eika “There are no stupid questions … only stupid answers” :smiley:


I don’t really see any synergy between Sheggra and Jarl, no.
They use the same mana color, both need a lot of mana so it will take forever to charge Sheggra.

I have 3 Jarl decks.

Jarl ***
Serpent ***
Moloch ***
Hero - any class - Prismatic Orb
Not really a great or fun deck to play, but I believe fighting it is quite a pain… :smiley:
Can’t say how it’s working in defense though : since 1.0.9, my def deck is empty.

Jarl ***
Giant Spider ***
Green Seer
Watcher ***
This is a pure cancer deck. I believe it can beat a lot of people on W4 as Green Seer and Giant Spider can just loop forever, making Watcher very strong from his arcane trait. Jarl is only here for his 3rd trait. Like this, I have 3 ailments to combine with Watcher’s spell additionnal effect : Jarl burn, Giant Spider poisons (when Jarl is dead and it can land a direct attack), Green Seer entangles.
I don’t use Jarl’s spell very often though… Especially when playing it on W4.

Jarl ***
Frost Giant ***
Valkyrie ***
I think it could be a decent defense deck, but I’ll wait to trait Zephyros before even trying it.


I like this thread, so many differently set ups with Jarl. Good to see this kind of variation.


Knight Coronet***
Jarl ***
Goblin (for board control)

So satisfying taking away a random skill pt and burning a random enemy on every four gem match :slight_smile:


The most powerful Jarl team has Valk in it.


Uh? How is Goblin’s spell a board control spell? :o


She maybe meant boar rider, not sure.


i didnt say that it’s spell was board control :wink:


Then I don’t get why he is in here… Except for dealing damage of course