So my current team

On the PS4 I have all but 3 troops that currently exist. Those troops being Moloch/Venoxia/Orion.

My current team that is serving me well is Jarl (fully traited), Eternal Flame, Valkryie, Druid.

This team has a fast clear rate (thanks to Jarl/Eternal Flame chain) and has the added bonus of getting me souls.

Once I get Moloch I want to replace my Druid with him. My concern is whether Molochs third trait (-1 to skill per 4/5match) will outweigh the druid.

The reason being is my valkryie will feed nothing and will SOLELY be there to get me souls when I can cast her and get another turn.

I think in practice it will work out, but I hate having a Valkyrie their feeding nothing.

I would keep in the druid. Moloch trait is awesome, but it’s better to have the synergy.

And souls.

Moloch is very fun, but it’s a lot of traits to spend if you don’t have a more synergistic deck planned. Speed and souls is something you cannot let go easily.

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I REALLY want to combine Jarl/Molochs Burn/Debuff on match traits somehow. But I cannot give up that valkryie.

Eternal flame is crazy good for both triggering the traits and keeping Jarl going, so it’s hard to give that up too…


If you replace Druid you should do it paired with Valkyrie.

You are then left with;

Jarl Firemantle
Eternal Flame

Would you keep the positions and put Moloch 4th? If so, then what we can start thinking about is a replacement for the 3rd slot.


I missed the post about you valuing Valkyrie highly, but I’m leaving what I said up in case you are open to replacing her.

If you are intent on keeping Valkyrie, you should consider replacing Eternal Flame when you acquire Moloch. My instinct would be Serpent, a red Gem generator that feeds off Blue, which Valkyrie provides. Serpent also poisons 2 Troops at once and gains Life with each cast, with also being one of the few Troops with Agile (3rd Trait);

Jarl Firemantle
Mist of Scales Banner (Red/Blue)

I have a ton of fun with:

Jarl Firemantle***
Eternal Flame (Priest***)
Goblin Rocket***
Mercy*** (ofc, BFF).

Yellow/red banner.

Can be slow to start, but once you get off the ground, the party never stops.

I did not see that coming

What, the synergy, or my personal tastes? :slight_smile:

Synergy-wise, Air Link is awesome for getting the Hero and Rocket off the ground. Personal preference-wise, I actually prefer Sorcerer in general, but it doesn’t benefit this team much because nobody cares about purple and because Eternal Flame doesn’t scale with Magic.

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Two problems with this line-up.

  1. The OP is on consoles, so no Mercy yet. (OP, be sure to fully trait Mercy when she comes out, trust me.)
  2. The OP really wants to keep Valkyrie (can’t say I blame them), so Gobby’s gonna have to go.

Replace druid and eternal flame with frost giant and Berzerker, valk will feed them both. And you’ll get the stormheim and giant bonuses

Ah, missed the follow-up. Good point – this team isn’t well-suited for Valkyrie. Personally I don’t think Jarl and Valk mix well, because she stomps over colors he cares about, but some of the other suggestions in this thread seem reasonable.

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If OP wants to keep Valkyrie in the team, consider Acolyte who gets blues and makes browns, and can refill Jarl?


This works always. And when you get moloch you Can switch to


Thanks everyone for your suggestions, I will probably forgo eternal flame and go with Jarl, Moloch, Valk, Acolyte and see how that goes. If I can keep the same speed and winrate doing so I will be so happy.