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Jarl Team ideas

Hey folks, I’m looking to build a strong team around Jarl Firemantle.

My first concept is:

This awards me the King of Giants +10 life as all troops are Stormheim.
I was running under Holy Banner +2 yellow to quickly fill Valkyrie who can then fill serpent and zephy who can pump jarl, who pumps himself and Valkyrie.

I have been testing it in challenges and it’s not running as smoothly as I expected.

I am open to all suggestions to tweak. Also not opposed to using hero in team.

Let me know what Jarl teams you found success with.


I run a really consistent Jarl deck that is:

Red/Red Banner

Goblin Rocket
Goblin Rocket
Goblin Rocket (Moloch*)

*I will use Moloch in my build as soon as I trait his last ability. Basicly any 2 unserged red matches fill up Jarl or any 1- 5 of a kind red match will give him the mana he needs to cast which usually causes a loop where you keep filling him and taking out opposing troops, if you get an extra turn but am missing mana, a well placed Goblin Rocket explosion can shift the gems you need to keep going. When Moloch is fully traited, you get suppression triggers after each 4+ of a kind

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In my opinion, Jarl and Valk don’t pair well. Jarl wants the board to be red and yellow, and Valk’s spell is detrimental to that end.

My favorite Jarl team is:

Jarl Firemantle
Priest / Eternal Flame
Goblin Rocket

Can make for some very long runs, and by the time you’re done, everything is on fire. :fire:

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gob rocket

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i was lucky enough to get a jarl fairly soonish, although traiting him fully seems a no-go effort at level80, and eager to use him i put him alongside maxed players i had, being valk alch bansh, but his red/yellow creation seemed to misfire 70-80% of the time, allowing my opponents to fill up fast, often delivering fatal blows.

Not a very old thread, hopefully it will come in handy. :slight_smile:


Thanks @Eika I will check that thread too. I’m surprised that didn’t pull up when I typed up my post as a similar thread.

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Hey! This is your defense team (too?)! Just ran across it yesterday, saw they were all fully traited, and passed :slight_smile:

Yea it wins about 65-75% of def wins, it would win more if the AI could plan out the explosions like I do

Nice… may keep it in mind when 2.0 comes and defense wins matter more :slight_smile:

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Follow up question:
I currently have Jarl with two traits.
Should invest the 1200 glory to buy lava stones since I can this week?

That would leave me 3000 glory for new kingdom?

Thoughts? Is his 3rd trait worth it?

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Get the 16 stones one way or the next, I think that his 3rd trait it’s very useful (although with my deck burn only ever triggers once or twice) when 2.0 hits the same stones can unlock the mechanist’s class 3rd trait and I think it’s gonna be a good one, so good that it need special coding just for it

You are right about the special coding. However how good his third trait is, might leave something to be desired.

Time will tell