The best teams containing all the mana colors


Show off a little, will ya? :slight_smile:


Prismatic Orb (Priest, +2 magic)


Black BBeast
All the traits. None of the class.
Any Flag will do.


Great Maw


if that maw has last trait then i will be scared.


Knight Coronet bl/y ***
Frost Giant bl/br ***
Boar Rider g/p *
Valkyrie r/y ***


(Apologies in advance for such a long-winded response! I felt I had to explain why I used this specific combo)

I use this for soul farming, mostly. Although it’s still a pretty badass all-rounder:

Jarl Firemantle *
Mercy *
Valkyrie **
Ice Witch

Bonus: All troops gain +6 Life for having 3 unique Stormheim troops.
The team works well even with no traits! But traits help this team become better.

Theory: Jarl feeds himself and Valk; Mercy feeds Valk and Witch; Valk feeds back to Mercy; and Witch is for when you run out of possible extra turns or skull matches.

Practice: This works extremely well for about 90% of the time! The other 10% is when you get very unlucky with bad gem spawns from Jarl (which ends up helping your enemy). Valk and Mercy basically end up alternating, giving you almost endless extra turns all while racking up souls and buffing your team. Then when you run out of steam, Jarl is used to crank it back up again!

I don’t use this in PvP but it’s great in quests and challenges :slight_smile: pretty much guaranteed max souls each game


Infernal King
Green Seer (or Valkyrie for less efficiency but soul farming).

It’s often a one turn kill (if Mercy is fully traited)