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Decent Magnus team?

Hey, I have two Magnuses (3 traits) and I am willing to give him a try.
Do you have any good team including Magnus? :slight_smile:


Works really good for me^^ If you have any Problems with this Team, please let me know :3

That team would work a little better with the Shentang banner, as it doesn’t reduce a mana color you actually use.

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Well, yeah. You’re right^^ Didn’t noticed that, because i didn’t use Magnus actively.
Ich use him for his Impervious and his 3rd Trait.
Thanks a lot for your suggestion^^ Hope this Team works for you :3

I will try this out, thanks!

That’s just a Justice League with a Magnus on top…

I mean, I bet Psion-Ragnarok-Famine-Magnus works too :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, so there is a Name for this Team :laughing:
Well, I play it as a Skullspam-Team and needed someone with Impervious on Top due to Foresttroll and such shenanigans.
And Magnus + Queen Mab is a really annoying Combo, cause Magnus won’t apply a Statuseffect if it is already on a Troop. (Besides Death Mark >_>)
So, it is a really nice Team to play with^^ “Justice League”… sounds good to me :smiley:

You could also try something like this:

Green Seer
Giant Spider
Magnus / Kraken