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Help me build my team!

For most of the life of the game, I’ve been going with a standard Goblin team because it’s more than sufficient. With the new PvP, I’m trying to figure out my BEST team, not just one that’s good enough! I think my best troops are Celestasia, Gorgotha, and Moloch, maybe something built around the latter two? Or maybe try out Goblin King on my Goblin team with the new buffed summoning?

My (natural) legendaries are:
1x Autumnal Imp
3x Behemoth
1x Bone Dragon
1x Bunni’Nog
1x Carnex
1x Celestasia
2x Gloom Leaf
2x Goblin King
2x Gorgotha
2x Hydra
1x Imp of Love
2x Jarl Firemantle
2x Kerberos
4x Moloch
1x Orion
1x Psion
1x Shadow Dragon
1x Spring Imp
1x Summer Imp
1x Silent One
3x Venoxia
1x Winter Imp

No commons?

It partly depends on what you can afford to trait. Gorgotha + Celestasia + Moloch + … something like oh I don’t know Mercy is very solid and dependable, if a little slow-going. But that team isn’t anywhere near as strong without traits on some or all of them.


1x Anything
1x Giant Spider
1x Green Seer
1x Boar Rider


Mix well. Die of boredom. Win fight anyway.


I didn’t list anything below legendary because I’ve got tons of 'em :stuck_out_tongue:

Most of my Legendaries I can only get to trait level 1 right now, which is another reason I need to pick a “main” team so I know which troops to save my arcane traitstones for…

If only it were that easy. As far as Arcane Traitstones are concerned, we’re at the mercy (lower case m, everyone) of the weekly event bundles. You can aim for Gorgotha + Moloch etc and then it’ll turn out there’s a Green/Yellow event troop and the traitstones are useless for your plans. Or a Purple/Red event troop. Or whatever.

Side note

1x Anything (not green or purple)
1x Green Seer
1x Giant Spider (with upgrades now)
1x Boar Rider

Always here to help :wink:


Just tried these with


Was running against a mythic goblin deck that is known to disassemble your frontline with 26 atk troops and boar rider. After the jarl died and all gobbos were burning even the biggest cascades and multiturns of the goblins were not able to break the again and again and again replenished spider swarm in the first row ^^

spider swarm stats with all level 10 kindoms without any 5 stars:
14 atk
61 combinded health
12 or 14 spelldmg with 50% poison chance

Was really fun to tank hit after hit where my beloved knight coronet or the hated gorgotha would have perished long ago.

But the game took about tripple the time compared to my usual invasion decks.