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Looking for some tips and team ideas

Hey everyone! Ive been playing for awhile and tried different things but the the only successful team ive had so far is 2x Yaos, alch, and hellcat. Anything helpful is grearly appreciated. Thank You!

Heres what i have to work with :grin:


You could try a Wildfolk team with:
Hero with a Blue weapon, Anu’s Scepter is a good choice for mana generation.
King Silenus

King Silenus is not so great or competitive, but he is ok, you don’t need to fully trait him, but it help in other builds with other Wildfolks. Also, Pan’s Vale is due to be the next kingdom to receive a rework, so it migh be interesting to start gathering the traitstones for its troops.

Thank you for the help, ill try it out!

You’ve got some great troops:

  • Gorgotha
  • Ubastet
  • Elemaugrim
  • DragonSoul
  • ForestGuardian
  • Kraken
  • and epics like Azura, Hellcat, Ember, Mercy, Ragnagord, most Trolls…

So you’ve plenty to work with.

Get Gorgotha traited… then try line-ups behind him…

From your list, I’d first have a go with: Gorgotha, FlameTroll, Hellcat, YaoGuai, for example, use the HoG banner…


Thank you very much for the help, I’ll definitely try that. I just got gorgotha traited too

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Excellent, you are on the right track then. Gorgotha is my favourite Legendary.

Do I read correctly that you have Titania? Sorry, not sure if I’m seeing it correctly.

edit I see it now. You don’t. I’ll take another look.

Ok, you have some good pieces.

If you had Infernus, you would have one of the strongest mono color teams for Guild wars. It works well outside of that though as well.

Normally you see a variation of either:

Hellcat, Elem, Infernus , Umberwolf
The Dragon Soul, Elem, Infernus, Umberwolf

Umberwolf needs the dark storm trait but you may have hero options for a dark storm. Because you don’t have Infernus, burning all the enemies before casting Elem is the issue. King Silenus can accomplish this but unlike Infernus he has to cast his skill to do it.

Try some different versions. Gorgotha can lead the team as well in place of Hellcat, making it a little stronger but slower.

Also, Mercy, Hellcat, Alchemist are three pieces for really good looping teams. The 4th troop can be a few different ones but Queen Titania is the best for me.

Awesone thank you very much. I really appreciate the help guys!

Also i got some new troops. I got glitterclaw and i really dont know if i should use him with anything.

Heres the updated collection