I have a question

Are my teams any good for a level 230 somethin? (with no mythics)

King Bloodhammer

Mountain crusher
Dragon soul

Let me know some other teams

Queen Titania***

Gimlet Stormbrew***
King Bloodhammer

Do you have yao guai?

A cheap (no mythics on it) but really effective team is Gorgotha, Yao guai, Gimlet (the dwarf you can get with glory this week) and Taipan.

At very least you need Gimlet and Taipan fully traited.

Dont have it so cant say for sure but Queen titania can work too maybe in place of Yao (even though i think with her is harder keep looping).

don’t have titania or yao guai

Kraken*** or Taloca*** can fit in place of Queen Titania***. The point then is to take advantage of the constant looping Hellcat-Alchemist gives you.

but I have Carnex :grin: (ugh)

@Grundulum don’t have kraken or talacota

If you want team-building advice with a mid-game collection, you should head over to Lyya’s amazing GOWDB.com and register your user name. Then you can get a link that will share your collection publicly, and we can see what you have available.

thx @Grundulum will do it soon :grin:


That doesn’t take us to your collection. There should be a much longer link somewhere.

Look in the “Tools” menu for “Share My Collection.”

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Oh ok thx @Lyya

I just changed things so you shouldn’t have to do this anymore. The Collection page URL will match the share URL now. (You’ll still have to relink yours.)

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Did it work @Lyya

Yes it did!

Hey @Grundulum I fixed the link!

How rich do you feel?

The Dragon Soul

Seems like it’d be fun to play. Lots of explosions, a tanky top troop (and backup from Sylvanimora), and it maximizes the damage from your Dragon Soul.

@Grundulum thanks for the team, I would think my hero (dragonguard) would do better that krystenax as i have full traits on it