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Aggro vs Combo : Which is better? Which do you prefer?

Everyone has their favourite troop or group of troops. You might love/hate a fully traited Gorgotha, or Bone Dragon. You might love to beat down fearsome opponents with a humble peasant. Or you might think a team is best when it’s the sum of its parts, like some of the greatest combos out there :
Giant Spider/Green Seer/Boar Rider
Green Slime/Goblin Shaman/etc.

What do you think? Is bigger better? Is combo unstoppable? Maybe both?

I love me a control team. Bonus points if it can also do decent skull damage. Treant and Anointed One are my favorite tanks.


The synergy between Infernal King and Sheggra is unbeatable.


And another combo makes it to my forbidden list :stuck_out_tongue:

I find Mercy insanely powerful as a combo starter. Was very impressed by the Mercy/Great Maw/Bone Dragon team presented by @Tacet in last week’s video.

Yep, just like IK, Mercy, Sheggra. Mercy loads IK, IK loads Sheggra. Big booms all over.
Round it off with a Gorgotha*** up front, and you’re good to go. Super board control too, once IK is fully loaded.

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While there is obvious synergy there, it is kind of a win even more synergy when you are already winning, and imho Infernal King can do alone what these two do in tandem in a more elegant way with an additional supporter for example Green Seer.
Not trying to talk it down as i use the two in tandem myself regularly, sometimes you just want to destroy things as hard as possible :wink:

Mercy is a bit overhyped currently, she is really good but she really only outshines Alchemist when you can safely use her empowered spell in the first turn, which happens about one out of four battles in my experience. Alchemist is often easily filled in the first one or two turns and from there on he is quicker to fill again than Mercy and much more versatile. Mercys mana colours go better with some of the strongest troops in the meta currently though, so there is that…

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I DO love Treant / Alch / Valk / Banshee. Win and farm gold, souls and often maps all at once!

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Yeah the Holy Trinity kept me competitive for so long when i did not have any strong legendary troops, it also made me addicted to control teams so much that i have a really hard time now using teams that give the turn to the opponent regularly.

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I totally agree. It just feels weird. Like: The opponent gets to charge up? Whaaat? Also seems like the only way to win on Warlord III/IV is to never let the opponent play, or risk lucky chain /skulls and instant death.


When my Hydra team gets rolling I play pretty much alone, only finishing my run with a badly wounded hydra.

But to be honest, I hate myself playing alone and I hate the AI playing alone. But when I face a mythic/all traits/all bonuses team, I don’t have much of a choice.

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What do you play the Hydra with?

It does seem like it comes down to crush or be crushed. Rarely get pretty even matches at that level.

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To clarifiy:

  • My Hydra is just meant as a finisher. It’s the other three that are playing alone.
  • I like to interrupt my streak to offer the enemy skulls to damage my Hydra (very risky).
  • Sometimes Terraxis just destroys the entire team without the Hydra doing anything.
  • This works only with Hydra’s second trait.

EDIT: I used the Anointed One before Hydra. With him, it’s a full board control team, that crushes everything, once the team starts rolling. But I found that boring, hence the swap to make thing more interesting.


I can deny the enemy skull pretty well (except when they drop in as a 3-match, but what can I do about that). It’s the enemy magic level that kills me everytime.

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Cool team. Same idea as the team I’m running in the fantasy draft, just different moving parts.

I think I may be aggro on this one.

Green/yellow banner

Crimson Bat***
Crescendo*** (Sorcercer class)

My fastest combo and it is safe. I also run…

Crimson Bat***

This team can be really fast, but sometimes casting Venoxia is just not worth it. A little board control goes a long way.

The following team is really slow, but I find it fun. I may put it on defense because it seems like it would be nerve wrecking to play. No matter the case you have seen it here first…

Red/yellow banner


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Some cards are simply overpowered wich makes them meta, i personally love to figure out synergy teams based on traits and other bonusses wich makes non-leg cards just as effective as (normal, not op) leg cards. :slight_smile:
currently lvling/traiting the following team:

emperina, terraxis, wight, mist stalker.

“ill rek that sheggra lolz” ~mist stalker.

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I prefer combo teams hands down. I want as much board control as I can possibly get. For me, a perfect game is when the AI doesn’t get a single spell cast. :stuck_out_tongue:


Finally someone says it!