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Counter Kor/gorg/death/famine

Anyone have a good counter for the team mentioned in title?
-Emperor Korvash
All fully traited.

Tried a few battles against it with different teams, but cant seem to win. EK is really powerfull!!
Any ideas?

Glad you like my defence team, ha ha.

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Its fun to counter a very strong team, but i cant figure out how to beat it :confused:

Khorvash/Mercy/IK/Sheggra or Khorvash/IK/Mercy/Sheggra. Your choice where Mercy goes

Unfortunately the best counter I’ve found isn’t available yet on console. Humility In the first slot with a couple of magic-based AOE troops tears through that pretty fast.

That team is strong but slow. Try a looping team like Hellcat/Alchemist with Banshee or Hobgoblin etc.

You can’t lose if the enemy never gets a turn - and you should be able to charge Hellcat or Alchemist before EK fires and drains you.

Can someone please fill me in on : AOE and IK?
Lol, I know you guys will be laughing, plus RNG?
Anyway, I’ll try valkrie, alchemist, finley and banshee.
That team can play a full game without the ai even getting a turn, so that’s my only contribution here.

Thanks for all of the replies, i will try them all when i have the stones and souls to max them. Maybe i will also have a better chance with some 5 stars kingdoms in the future :slight_smile:

Area of Effect. Things that hit multiple targets

Infernal King

Random number generation, or luck

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I’ve been using.Luther. herdmaster.crimson bat.and marilith True damage.

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Crimson Bat


Use maw/infernal king/bone dragon/mercy (fully traited team)
or goblin team

Another potential team:
Emperor Khorvash
Dark Maiden

Des really likes Daemons, and really really likes yellow Daemons.

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If u where to use maw who would u eat first?

Emp/valk/astral/mercy (lion banner) stun everything, easy win.

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hmm a bowl of broccoli soup, or maybe cookies.

Eat gorgotha first, the problem with the tam is that it runs two tanks and gorgotha can generate mana for the team. So the weakest part of the team is gorgotha in this case which slows down the mythics death and famine. Now you have the attack to go head to head with khorvash. Once maw kills khorvash using bone dragon or through infernal king’s spell the mythics are sitting ducks. Best part is that you can beat the khorvash team in less than a minute if mercy stacks correctly and extra turns into maw, then maw combos into infernal king and by that time gorgotha is dead, your infernal king spell gets used which leads to khor being killed and it is still turn 1, not sure if you will have a map by then but maw will have huge attack by then.

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Just use your own EK with whatever line-up you want to deal with those pesky horsemen / daemon teams. The moment you get a few 4-5 matches and turn their traits off, you won. Stunned gorgotha can’t say no either.

Im only lvl 246, i have 220 troops but cant lvl them all up :slight_smile:

Im trying

Works well atm, but im out of arcane shields for now, hope they come in glory packs next week

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