Counter for Justice-League-Teams?

Do we have a fine designed counter for the Justice-League-Team Korvash, Val, Justice, Skadi/Mab.?

Of course most player win most games against it with their fav. teams, but I would like a counter with some thought in it like the lovely Counter for the “forest troll, kraken, mab Teams” with Gloom Leaf, snowy owl, Sekhma and plague.

So feel free :slight_smile:

Great Maw / Mercy combo can pretty much counter all the existing meta in the game tbh.

I use
Great Maw
Infernal King

There’s no true counter to Justice League teams. Queen Mab is just too powerful on her own. The troops that effectively counter her are generally susceptible to other troops(Kraken). That being said, if you have multiple mythics available, Psion teams are everywhere so presumably that does pretty well. The particular troops vary widely but usually include at least 2 mythics.

Behemoth/Elemaugrim/Scorpius x2

I play:

The dragon soul

Never have any problems with Mab teams…

Playing PvP, it’s Psion/Ragnagord followed by 2 mythics. I’m running into that as a 3 trophy PvP challenge about 90% of the time, so I would say that is the clear cut best team in the game at this point.

Edit: Or Psion/Ragnagord/Spirit Fox/mythic,how could I forget about that one…

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I’ve been beating the hell out of it with Gorgotha/TDS/Venbarak/Worldbreaker. I’m suspicious Venbarak could be “any dragon”, I really wish I had Krystenax but oh well.

It’s “just a Mab-Khorvash team” which means you really want to be able to blast Khorvash as hard as you can. He tends to starve out Justice and Mab so it’s not one of the more effective Mab teams, IMO. It’s much harder to deal with in its Psion/Khorvash/Mab/??? form, it doesn’t really matter if Psion or Khorvash is first. Same strat for that team: Mab isn’t as big of a threat as Khorvash and/or Psion.

The Justice League team that’s been REALLY bugging me lately is Humility, Humility, Lady Anariel, ?not sure of the fourth?. I’ve fought it 3-4 times now and retreated every time. Double Humility takes FOREVER for my TDS team to wear down, and gives plenty of time for Anariel to start doing her thing. Whatever the 4th troop is boosts Magic, so real quick Anariel’s granting 80+ HP and then it’s not worth bothering. I probably need to try a team that isn’t TDS vs. it.

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Troop x/Infernal King/Alchemist/Forest Guardian
combined with a banner that lets you fill Alchemist as soon as possible;

Troop x can basically be anything that doesn’t use yellow (although, I’ve played with Gorgotha (spell never to be cast) and it simply makes your start slower in exchange for certain skull imunity). Also, wise thing to do is not to block both red and brown for Alchemist.

Basically, you just need to spam yellows feeding IK & FG, then cover the field in skulls and, most of the time, Humility based teams don’t get enough turns to do anything.

Among natural counters, of course Amira, and also Star Gazer, Astral Spirt, or Krystenax, with any impervious.
Dwarven Miner is actually awesome for Justice League.

Humility’s 3rd trait gives all allies +2 armor and +2 magic every time he takes damage. He’s the one boosting their magic.

The best counter I’ve found for these teams is The Great Maw. Devour whatever the most dangerous troop is and it neuters this composition pretty quick. Yesterday I faced Humility/Humility/Anariel/Plague and Humility/Humility/Anariel/Humility. I used Maw to devour the Anariels both times and the teams went down real easy.


I have a purpose-built team to beat Justice league from when that meta was running wild on console.
I use Gorgotha, Khorvash, Amira, Wulfgarok (or Manticore if you don’t have Wulfy).

Gorgotha tanks against skull spams, self-cleanses (useful against freeze) and generates mana.
Khorvash mana drains Valkyrie and the top troop, and does significant true damage. He is a decent secondary tank if things really get off the rails and you lose Gorgotha.
Amira is generally a one-shot kill against Justice (first) and Mab (last).
Wulfy is impervious to protect against Kraken, boosts Amira’s true damage by 5 (10 against blue troops) and when things line up correctly, kills two troops in one blow. (Manticore is a decent substitute in that it is also impervious and gives a targeted mana-drain when you need it.)

Since the back two troops are immune to mana-burn, Mab is harmless against them. All you need to do is fill Gorgotha (preferably) or Amira (if you get a good red/purple board), kill Justice and then pick the others off as your mana collection allows. Even if the justice league gets looping a bit, Gorgotha can absorb a lot of damage and Amira does huge true-damage to the real threats on that team.

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Forest Troll
Queen Mab

Just kill anything team
Emperor Khorvash
Ketras the Bull


Good against everything exept barrier

Cause we all have 3 Scorpius :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol i found 3 in a 50 vip bundle i got lucky and also found 1 later so i got 4 now :slight_smile:

Very cool 100% impervious team i think i will love it more when fearie fire go out

Any team with Infernus. How bout…


Fill Rag right away. Game Over

I’ll keep that in mind. Same trouble as usual for a midgame player: “That’d be great, if I had TGM.”

It’s in the forge right now but I’m 200 diamonds away from having enough to craft a mythic. Do I want TGM to deal with one specific team, or do I want to wait for a mythic that plays several roles (or maybe Pharos-Ra)? Hard to say.

I play:

Holy Banner (+2 yellow)
Bard*** /c Orpheus’ Lute
Great Maw
The Silent One*

It eats Justice League quite reliably. Two yellow matches and everything is Enchanted, or a couple of early blue matches. Either way the enemy is all Silenced, so Valk and Justice can’t start their cascade, and Khorvvy doesn’t get to do his thang. With Enchanted on tap, you can chain Silence and keep them there. Meanwhile, Orion’s damage + Hunter’s Mark kills Khorv pretty quick, despite his armour. And Enchanted gets Maw charged up pretty quickly, and Maw eats Justice; problem solved, no more cascade.

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Dawnbringer (Bard or Oracle)

I breeze through the 3T battles with this team. If I had Worldbreaker he would swap in for Orion.