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The best combo against : Famine/Plague/Mercy?

Have encountered several Famine / Plague/Mercy on PVP since yesterday and
seems quite powerful. I used Maw/Mercy to beat them but depending on RNG,
lost some times. To win, need to be step ahead Gem control on board against A1.

Since I have not yet got these two mythic ,
What is the best counter team against Mythic troop combo?

Anything that denies turns will work. Unlike Maw, Mab, and Bone Dragon (which has its freeze-on-hit passive), you don’t really need to approach the horsemen in a unique manner.

Mang (Archer) / Giant Spider / Green Seer / Boar Rider works pretty well.

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fully traited jarl/alch/hellcat/moloch will wreck them

I tested , but Maw, famine , famine , mercy didn’t give me any chance to win.

Then you lost in early-game. Once that build gets going, it’s almost impossible to stop it.

Yeah, It was impossible due to many yellow and purple set up and Mercy took the fist
shoot, then no way to win the battle.

Yup, that’ll happen.

I usually go up against Maw / Mercy with Maw / Mercy, which “fixes” that particular problem.

I’ve had great success using the traditional 2x Bat team to beat them pretty consistently:

Crimson Bat
Crimson Bat

Hell Cat
Summer Imp
Imp of Love

Very long loop, with very high damage if they are fully traited.

I also use,

With careful play, you can often loop this team too.

Valkyrie/Mab/Mab/anything you like… that combo trivialises any battle apart from Maws…


I run a team similar to the one @Jainus just posted above. It wins almost all battles except for Maw teams when I am diligently messing up Mercy’s chance at match 4/5’s and my move drops purple and yellow in a line just sitting there ready for Mercy to take advantage of.

Valk / Valk / Mab / Mercy +2 blue banner.

Gorgotha, Crimson Bat, Soothsayer, Spirit Fox has been pretty successful for me.

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