Good Maw teams after recent nerfs


I just got Maw, sadly I didn’t have a chance to repay people for those all random devours, but I’m gonna try it anyway.

I run: (Y/Br)
The Great Maw
Bone Dragon
Infernal King

If Mercy doesn’t click, I’m kinda dead, 15% no more. What do you think is the best possible Maw team right now?


I still use the same ones I always have.

Bone Dragon
Deep Borer

Infernal King


Since you don’t have devour on skulls, don’t feel compelled to put maw first. Can lead with Mercy to insulate maw from early skull damage while it builds mana and/or gains stats from skull matches.


green seer**
giant spider**
Keeper of souls.**
Mono yellow banner, You can loop hard in this team, you can make maw really huge, you will have extremely good mana converting control and this team got better because it removed the 15% rng. Focus on looping seer and spider until they overflow into keeper of souls, who will allow you to do one huge punch (possibly keeping the loop alive) so that you can continue to loop for game. 15% to devour on skull hit too strong? Try this team and discover how to break maw’s third trait.


Green/Purple for @killerman3333’s setup, it allows Green Seer to fill with just 2 purple matches (unserged, 3 of a kinds) to get things firing off right out of the gate


Team comp, i am good at, flag choosing not so much.



It takes some getting used to, I personally think that it’s not worth investing in maws spell with a banner unless you can feed Rhonda somehow (usually via Mercy) and since yellow is blocked from Green Seer by Rhonda the giving +1 to purple moves this along.

You can try purple/yellow banner to still fill the Seer up with 2 matches but I think it’ll work best with purple/green cause there will be times that the Giant Spider won’t fill cause of his slightly higher casting cost, I would treat Rhonda purely as an attacker and if she ever fills cast it on the last enemy for kicks, the team you made will trash and trash hard