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Most OP 2.0 Teams

Feel free to share your killer beast team! :wink:


Any Team with a fully traited Mercy and fully traited Maw.


What does your team look like? :slight_smile:

I play on consoles so no 2.0 for me.

One of the better MAW teams IMO is
Bone Dragon
Prismatic Orb

However my team since I am console is
Jarl (fully traited)
Eternal Flame
Valkyrie (fully traited)
Druid (fully traited)


Whenever console finally gets Mercy, you might want to consider trying:

Eternal Flame
Goblin Rocket

It’s fun, explodey, and holds control reasonably well.


I really like valk in basically all my teams, love those souls. That said that team does look fun, will probably make it when we finally do get Mercy.

Green/Green banner
Goblin shaman***
Goblin king***
I run into way too many humans ironically so that human slayer is doing work.


Loving the new Winter Wolf from Glacial Peaks:

Winter Wolf

Hunter’s mark is much more versatile than it used to be before the Hippogryph change. Hippogryph fills after 9 mana, and can do over 60 damage to a marked enemy. Winter Wolf is the first hunter’s mark troop that doesn’t match Hippogryphs mana types. Marked enemies still take double skull damage, and double damage from destroyed skulls. The downside is that Winter Wolf can only mark the first enemy, so he doesn’t work well against teams with a powerful rear troop. However, this is perfect for defending, since the AI can’t mark a random enemy then spam explodes. Winter Wolf also freezes, which dominates the 5x goblin teams in a row I have been facing.

Gorgotha and Ragnagord are the two explode troops that scale well with magic, so they both have a decent chance at wiping the board with every cast. Gorgotha makes the perfect meat shield with granite skin, and his mana types are covered twice in case he dies.


This one was totally new for me, It looks like a fun team. :slight_smile:

I use a slight variation on this:

Goblin Rocket

Banshee makes the whole thing click amazingly because (1) Slot her in and you have full color coverage and (2) Now every single card on the team is helping to turn the board red and yellow.

I actually need to thank you because you posted a similar team suggestion a little while ago–you said something about Jarl wanting the whole board to be red and yellow & then suggested two Goblin Rockets + Moloch, and I started playing around with it.

I have yet to run up against a team that I can’t beat with this combo.


My fireproof team (Gorgotha, Infernal King, Runesmith, Moloch), makes short work of any Jarl/firecaster team. Runesmith keeps pumping Gorgotha until he’s a total monster, and all hat fire damage just dissipates into the air.

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Yup, Banshee works too, as does Drake Rider. The upside vs. Eternal Flame for Banshee is that she deals damage, and gets rid of mostly-useless Blues. The disadvantage is that Mercy wants to convert her Purples away, so there’s a tension there. But Banshee is definitely a solid pick too.

My most powerful team thus far is

Green/Purple banner

Hero (Mang)(Archer)(+2 magic perk)(3)
Green Seer (1)
Giant Spider (2)
Boar Rider (3)

The infamous “Green Giant” loop team, the bottom three troops loop nearly forever dealing damage in ther process, the Hero starts with half mana and had a 15% chance to one-shot and if it gets to cast it deals 12 (for me) “true damage” (it destories armor before dealing it’s damage) and gets stronger equal to the armor destoried so that the skull cascades make quick work of its enemies, and + 2 to purple matches (+1 from the banner and +1 from Giant Spider) ensure that Green Seer is ready to open the combo in just 2 nonserge purple matches

In a pinch with the new summon mechanics make the summoned Spider Swarm quite a viable meat shield and fair attacker with +3 from kingdom bonuse (with no 5 star kingdoms)

Anyhow some games drag on a bit but this team routinely gets the job done


Seconded. That team is slow but basically as close to lockdown as it gets.

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I really need to find a green seer.

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The team goes much faster when I have an opening to cast Mang, I can easily clear most games in 90 seconds if I do, skull cascades are your friend

Yeah, that definitely helps. The fact that Mang doesn’t power from the loop combo makes that far from guaranteed (though on the upside, if your Hero gets frozen by a Bone Dragon when you incidentally match skulls, it doesn’t matter at all).

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Exactly my reasoning behind making sure his colors did not overlap with the other three

I actually cast Mang 1 in 3 battles, the loop allows me to be clever in getting red and brown matches

Any defense that features dust devil because then I have to spend an extra 5 seconds editing my team order. :frowning: