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Best teams using Infernal King

As soon as I found out what the Infernal King’s spell was, I knew I wanted to use him. Took me 58 event keys to finally draw him, but now he’s fully leveled and I spent some time working on a good team for him. Here’s what I came up with:

Infernal King

My first notion was to pair him with someone who could power him or whom he could power, and the Alchemist got the bill perfectly since he transforms Choice–>Yellow, and the King can power him by changing Brown–>Red. I also considered Sheggra (imagine pairing the Brown–>Red with the extra skulls from Green–>Skulls!) but had a hard time finding other troops to make that strategy really tight. Also considered other Brown/Red troops like Ragnagordand and Jarl, but again thought that might be too risky.

I also knew I didn’t care if I had a green troop, since I wanted maximum possibilities for skull creation, so I focused on other troops. I considered some Blue/Red troops like the Anointed, but he would actually have dampened Infernal King’s spell so I passed. I ended up with Serpent for pure Red creation to power Alchemist (and with luck, Valkyrie), and Valkyrie to power Serpent and farm souls.

I’ve used it a few times and it actually does a pretty good job of controlling the board, but it’s a bit slow to get rolling. That’s one reason Serpent is handy: Agile can buy time with a lucky dodge.

Thoughts or criticisms? Anyone else have a favorite team with the immortal daemon king? Anyone else decide to go with one of those other Brown/Red troops I passed over? Let me here from you!

My King team is:
Infernal King*

Yellow/Yellow banner

Gorgotha steals yellow, but when he explodes he feeds the King purple and with two yellow banners, yellow will spill over. Gorgotha at 3 traits is incredibly tanky so you can mostly ignore 3-skull matches and patch up with Mercy. Fire off King when it’ll 4-match either skulls or (preferably) red; the red matches will fill Sheggra, and the residual skulls can make for a huge second hit after King. The board will be left with yellows and purples after Sheggra, and if you are lucky, Mercy can then make another 4-match, refilling and healing Gorgotha and starting the cycle over.


I love the king and have been toying around with him.
My build is:
Infernal King*

Yellow/Yellow banner.

With the two times fire link an the dubbel yellow banner filling the alchemist to fill up the king is quite easy.
What I love about this build is just watching molochs 3th trait reduce the enemies stats over and over.

Killing opponents with his third trait is just priceless.

Now it will be grinding for the kings 2nd and 3th traits.

Yep I did something similar… the synergy with Sheggra is obvious, must be deliberate…!

Infernal King
Dual yellow banner

Is how I roll. Green Seer should be better than Valkyrie but… Soul farming first, as always…

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Infernal King
Hero with Daemon perk + imperial jewel

Abyssal flag

Daemon troop bonus, AOE, Skull damage, mass poison, evenly colored spread, and an exploder battery. That’s the mix I’m ending with so far


Love Ragnagord, also looks like he fits well in this team. Need tons of arcanes tho for webspinner and IF last traits…

Waiting on the first purple/yellow event troop to trait him, but I am planning on exploiting the resurrections:

Black Beast
Infernal King
Infernal King
Infernal King

With the removal of green and brown, a good red/blue troop is all you need:

Infernal King

Is there a bug with Lamia when it is just 2 enemies left? seems to often detect the dead enemy troops here, therefor wont attack.

I don’t PvP with this build, but it does have 100% AI win rate on around a 10 win streak so far:

Gorgotha ***
Inferno King ***
Moloch ***
Mercy ***

All of them are yellow, so if AI gets lucky with Mercy they all fill, or Gorgotha will fill them.

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If the two enemies are adjacent, Lamia will hit one of them. She does nothing if the enemies are separated, or if there is only one enemy.

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I will be looking to bust your winrate Tacet lol

Anyone can elaborate on his ability? The troop list hasnt beed updated in months… so I have no clue what he does. Maybe some devs could look into that, right @Nimhain? Not only is it missing all the new troops, but it has info only up until lvl 15 - which means that the troop list on the main site for this game is like three or four patches behind…


Fully traited Gorgotha in the lead spot is really annoying to play against. It takes like a million skull matches to finally kill him. Then again, targeted spell damage, or especially devour don’t care at all about his granite skin 3rd trait…

Or you can use a Sand Devil and save him for last. There’s lots of ways to deal with Stoneskin and its variants.

Dust Devil you mean? Yeah he can take gorgotha down to the last spot so you can deal with the other first, then gorgotha alone is a piece of cake.

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Yup, that’s what I meant. My fault for posting on a few hours’ sleep :confused:

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The WIKI is getting updated and @MrSammy and others have done a great job… Try there… Link is pinned to the menu now…

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I tried the wiki before I made my post… Infernal King aint there.