Recommend me some fun PvE combos

Level 60, currently running Alchemist/Valk/Banshee combo. It feels pretty janky at times and I’d like to try some party composition that can tear through PvE mission. Currently have 13k souls.

My troops are here:

Putting Infernal King into that team (instead of Banshee probably) adds a lot of oomph to that loop combo. Otherwise I’m not sure. What you really want is Hellcat but its not on your list…

So many teams are viable at lvl 60 that I’d say do whatever you enjoy most. If you like Tolkein, go for dwarf or goblin teams. Like traditional fantasy? Try some undead or knight teams. Maybe vampire teams if you’re into that lore. You’re at a stage of the game where you can do whatever you think is fun. Enjoy it because once you reach the upper levels, very few themes are viable.

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For the longest time, I used Silvermaiden/Ranger/Ranger/Alchemist. The Silvermaiden was the glory pack troop back when and I needed a Blue/Purple tank for this composition. Otherwise, it’s all getting the Alchemist up and then casting to fill the Rangers.

If you wanted to try it out, maybe see about Morthani’s Will for a Blue/Purple tank. You probably won’t be able to get the armored trait, but his armor steal spell with mana drain and true damage could help out.