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What is best team for tower of doom

What team should I use for this I’m on floor 13 and a high level player just can’t seem to pin it down please help switch

Depends on what you have available to you. I’m using MC/Mistralus/Irongut/TPK and it’s working well enough. Also, the subreddit seems to get more attention for things like team suggestions and help requests, the official forums have been steadily declining for a while now and I rarely come by here anymore myself. I’d recommend hopping over there instead. Good luck on the tower, sorry nobody helped you out!

Mang + appropriately colored skull creators is never wrong.



I use the standard Truffle team: Forest Troll, 2x King Gobtruffle, Doomed Glaive. It’s not as fast as a Mang-team I used first, but it works.

If you don’t have the glaive, you can use Maraji Queen for mana start and to create doomskulls.

Anything with yasmine pride and a deck high on immunity to death mark. 3 of my troops are immune including hero so I’ve got a cleanser in there just in case.

That collapses around floor 20.

Meh. Don’t let the doom cast. Or have a cleanser … limiting to yourself to death mark immune troops is crippling.

Earth’s Fury/Titan
High King Irongut
Kraken banner

HKI can take out basically anything thanks to Vash’Dagon’s curse on brown. The only exceptions are Dooms, and Dooms are not immune to hundreds of true damage from Vash’Dagon devouring HKI.


I’ve not done much yet but no doubt Shahbanu will continue. Don’t think blue is as effective as yellow with Shahbanu but will see.

Doomed Hammer - Assassin (cleanse)
Mercy or Euryali or Winter Imp/Gray King

Maybe a 2nd Treachery at back if go T6 - sit it with bless vs boss. Hammer was able to cap before I started by not upgrading the junk blue dooms much so may just stay lower.


I settled on Gray King last slot, from about 20-25, then swapped in Irongut with a T5 purchase. Pretty nice, cast Shahbanu on Irongut, usually get him to about 93 attack with base Shah cast, if attack lands of course. Treachery demolishes blue troops and the Hammer cleanses and stuns (blue), so pretty straightforward vs the Borealis/Ice Goblin/Hyndla/Ultimate Doom of Ice. Can bump Treachery first, and Irongut save behind bless from death mark. Save hammer if Doom is close to casting, insta cleanse etc. 1 shot Doom with Treachery to finish etc.

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Floor 45 unbeaten. All ravens killed. Only one lost troop. Your missing some team build creativity.

I won’t deny ToD boredom! My teams for this tend to be Mang or EF, with HKI or some other insta-gib troop. Or skull spammers (Mang).

Dangerous game relying on skulls at high floor levels. The one troop I’ve lost was hero P1. He got skull smashed right at the start. YP gives you plenty of breathing room. Usually all troops have 500 health minimum by the end of each fight.

Mang is pretty safe with titan/monk/sentinel as you keep a barrier up. Power it up once, then you have some symmetrical skull converters for looping. You really only tap a skull converter on guaranteed 4’s anyways. Or to end a match. Board can always screw you; but that’s life.

Rock solid classes are decent of course but a double hit and mang is often down and out. I tend to boost classes until about floor 12 or so. Then it’s rock solid classes YP for the rest of the event. Tbh it’s worked better than I thought it would.

I’m on floor 79 and I have not lost a battle or a raven with it. You cast the shield, you cast the 3 teslas, you win.


I ran a 2 Tesla team until floor 20 or so. When I needed 2 casts of sou, I stopped.

It takes 3 casts, but fortunately you can have 3 teslas. as long as you can keep her alive for 6 rounds so the enchant charges her mana, you win.

  1. Stonehammer, Dawnbringer, Shahbanu Vespera, Skadi
  2. Stonehammer, Pharos-Ra, The Infernal Machine, Skadi
  3. Forest Troll, King Gobtruffle, Ocularen, Prismatic Orb/EOE/Yasmine’s Chalice
  4. Stonehammer, Bonnie Rose, Merchant Prince, Essence Of Evil

Yasmine Pride (max titan)
The Gray King
The Possessed King
Sorrowful banner with 3 medal of seasons