Mid Level Explore 12 Team

Any suggests for a Low/Mid range Explore 12 team. I am a little over level 700, but plan to advance fairly fast.

Depends what you have available. Rowanne and Shield of Urskala work well. Gold team too but thats slow.

If you havent join the many GoW discord servers. GoW Alliance

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Shield of Urskaya
Harpy Mage


Thanks guys. I sort of thought about Rowanne teams but didn’t know how it would hold up at level 12. Maybe I’ll try it out. Right now I am running a Mang, Isabelle, Skeleton and Apothocary team. It works but is a bit slow.

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The classic skeleton key team is not as good as it used to be since skeleton key got nerfed recently but it gives you more gold thanks to Cedric.

Cedric Sparklesack
Egg Thief
Skeleton Key (Any hero class with steath talent)

All troops need to be fully traited. Cast Greed at the start of battle, then cast Egg Thief to get mana for skeleton key and summon eggs to replace dead troops.

I’ve been running the following for quite a while:

Keeper of Souls
King Bloodhammer
Doomed Glaive (preferably any Hero class that Entangles 1st enemy troop at start of battle)

It’s a (Doom)skull bashing team that utilizes board control through transformation of gems and Wrath’s ability to enrage – plus lots of exploding Doomskulls – to get around obnoxious traits. Keeper of Souls has a trait that can summon reinforcements if you lose a troop; many Hero classes have the same.

It’s obviously not the best team, but it works reasonably well and it doesn’t require any mythics. It’s helpful if you have the upgrades for the Doomed Glaive – the ones that Entangle an enemy and create a Leafstorm are the two I value the most out of the entire batch – but they’re not required.


I like my Doom Contingent. Especially for farming tokens at Broken Spire.


(Essence of Evil; Titan; Bright Forest banner)
King Bloodhammer

Titan class talents: Chaos Storm, Counterattack, Stone Circle, Storm Aura, Rock Solid, Lightning Strike, Fortitude.

Use Leprechaun for early mana generation. Hit first opponent with EoE, then the next, etc. Only use Glaycion or King Bloodhammer when gems align with skulls for a guaranteed extra turn, or the board is covered with triple-skull opportunities.

Of course, I haven’t tried this team for awhile (since I acquired Zuul’Goth) so the upcoming Lycanthropy nerf might require a different weapon.

Unfortunately I don’t have the Doomed weapons - I was not playing on this account for quite a while, when Tower of Doom started up

I don’t have the weapon, unfortunately, or Glaycion. I will keep in mind tho for later on.

Dragon’s Eye
Queen Beetrix



Chief Dargon
Hero with Arboreal Crystal
Tink Steamwhistle

Dargon boosts everyone’s attack and Gargoyle’s spell damage quickly. Arboreal Crystal can fill everyone and summon if needed, not to mention the entangle. Gargoyle hits like a train after a couple of Dargon casts. Tink keeps the red and yellow coming, plus he can heal everyone up and summon.

Hero class doesn’t matter that much. This isn’t always the absolute fastest deck, but it gets the job done and it would take some serious bad luck for you to lose while using it.

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Hands down the best! don’t forget 3 nysha medals

Looks like interesting team. But I don’t have Tink, or the weapon. :frowning:

Yeah, did you miss the part where I am about level 700. I don’t have Venoxia or Queen Bee. I have very similar team I like though, on a higher level account on Xbox.

Queen Bee should be easy to have by level 700, to be fair.

Venoxia’s harder to obtain, but by now you probably have at least a handful of legendaries, so it also wasn’t crazy to suggest that to you on the chance that you had pulled her.

So strange, to bite back at someone who made a good-faith effort to be helpful…


This is why I suggested you join discord. It is hard to help you without knowing what you have and some back and forth.

All of us are mentioning teams to be helpful and some level 700s would have some of these troops.


You can get Tink from the Tinker Town faction by using shards, and boy is he worth it for his double storm and spell. Highly recommended.

The weapon isn’t critical - just pick one that you like that isn’t color blocked by Dargon, and ideally that helps to generate mana for the team. Plenty of other weapons could work here.

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Any Weapon (Stormcaller)

Finesse & Stormcaller need to be traited to make it work, but extremely low rarity. It’s strongest in yellow heavy kingdoms, but it’s pretty generically usable. Decent skull reduction, boosting the whole team on 4/5 matches, and barely harmed by opponents that re-order your team.

Indeed. My suggestion was quite attainable for a level 700 player if the OP had had a lucky pull of Venoxia. So the OP’s response is really strange and even hostile which will certainly make me think twice before ever sending another helpful suggestion his/her way…


Sorry to come across hostile - I am just being more flippant than angry, and just frustrated with the low level teams a bit. I have an Xbox account at Level 1381 and am not used to having to scrounge around to find a team. Despite my ‘negative’ remarks, I appreciate your responses and I have looked at all suggestions. Unfortunately, I have just not found much useful.