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Mid Level Explore 12 Team

Yeah, I use this team on my high level account, often on Factions, and it works all the say up. I find Nimbus Crossbow to be a excellent chose for weatpon.

Sorry to come across angry; see comment below. Yeah, I haven’t been on this account for like 1 1/2 years, but have been playing (up to 1381) on Xbox account. I don’t have much of anything done in the delves, since I missed most of the initial events for them. I have very few chards. I do like Queen Bee and use her in my other account in some good looping teams.

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OK, the best I have come up with that works, but is a bit slow is:
Queen Ysabelle


I’ll post a vid clip later.

I cant wait to see what Percy Wetmore have come up with.

Shield of Urskaya
Megavore / Harpy Mage / Leprechaun (switch to last position if Leprechaun)

A similar team has been suggested before, but this is a fantastic team.

I had Queen Beatrix at level 400, just need to open up the underworld and get lucky with chaos chards in The Deep Hive.

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