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What is best team for tower of doom

Some in my guild like a good ol’, simple Mang + Queen Ysabelle (x3) :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. It’s a little bit vulnerable to statuses and enemy casts – I don’t like giving the enemy that many turns, myself – but it’s passable!

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My team is immune to DM except for TPK (unless you buy tier 6) but apothecary is there just in case.

Kudos for sharing, tbh!

Likewise to all

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using this one:

Earth fury + stormcaller/titan (swaped to titan arround floor 16)
High King Irongut
The Possesed King
Mirror Banner (+2yellow, +1 blue)

1 Earth Fury cast gives HKI 100+ attack, rest is (with some luck) one long loop with HKI eating everything that moves mixed with match4/5 followed by gem explosions (from hero/tpk) to keep the loop going and feed some mana do HKI
troops immune to devour are target for earth fury and skull damage from hero/other troops (if that lazy hero dies), also TPK can convert most of them (doom is only immune) into something HKI can eat (but that’s a bit luck based)

In most cases doom doesn’t have a chance to cast (like anything else had…)
worst team to fight against with this setup -> dwarves and purple doom team (both have 3 troops that are fortitude/impervious)

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