Help with Team Build to defeat Facing Your Daemons (Shentang)

Good afternoon, everyone. Happy New Year! Can someone suggest a good team to defeat the last level on Shentang? I’ve tried numerous times only to be defeated.

Team is:

Hero - Level 137 using Summer’s Fury
Winter Imp
Queen Grapplepot (promoted to Mythic)

Thank you.

What’s their team?

Dark Monolith using Malice
Hellcat using Horrid Strike
Erinyes using Eternal Punishment
Yao Guai using Blade of Dispair

My team is:

Karakoram using Summer’s Fury
Winter Imp using Frostbite
Valkyrie using Valhalla
Bogstrider using Bog Slime

This really depends what weapons you have available. Mang for example would take care of this no problem. At your level troops like cockatrice are very useful. Entangle, mana drain and creation of brown mana combined. Brown for mang if you have it. Apothecary will cleanse and generate more brown. The 4th troop choice is vast…a skull generator because p1 has been entangled by cockatrice etc. Plenty of options.