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Shahbanu Vespera- what teams are you guys running for her?

Just wondering what teams you guys are using with her… I got her when she first came out but never bothered to try her out. Any good teams for pvp and explore? Thanks for any advice.

I love this Mythic tbh. It’s achilles heel is freeze however (like most things I guess).

I tried this one a heck of a lot, either with Doomed Axe or Staff of St Astra. It’s great vs Rope Dart and I swap Vanya in at the bottom if I go up against freeze teams/L&D as both back two are immune. Making 4 gems a lot causes a lot of bless to go around, so I generally use Daggers or the Axe with that. Finesse can soon 1 shot Grave Seer with double damage to yellow and sometimes the random hits Weaver.

Stormcaller is probably the best as yellow storm is integral to using Finesse to fill Shah. A second Finesse can work if you want more stats. You can also change banners to Unicorn Banner. It also somewhat works with Archmagus, but no purification on the hero usually leans me to using Staff of St Astra there. That has a nice silence on it too, generally make the hero big, cast that staff once and it also gives yellow mana.


Purple, I’ve gone with Thrall or Cunning, Daemon weapon (curse all, burn all) or Doomed Scythe, Shah and Vanya or Thrall or odd time Mab. Archmagus or Tidecaller/Corsair double blue if so.

Ferocity, Doomed Xbow, Shah, TMQ or Frostfire King for lots of freeze - not tried it much. Sunspear

Glaive, Loyalty, Shah, Tauros or Sping Imp - weak to freeze - Frostmage or Archer


Doomed Blade, Shah, 2 x Winter Imp - Deathknight, ice storm on, lightning strike on - can also use Queen Mab for one Imp as you sit on them a lot. Maybe Penguin also.

I’ve yet to try it with a none blocking colour ahead, it might work, maybe another one of the Guardians like Persistence and the rest 1 colour only behind the Mythic.

You can see I’ve used it a lot already. :smiley:


Oh wow. Thank you for giving me a good amount of info to start off with. I am missing a couple of the doom weapons but the axe I have so I rolled with the yellow team you put together for a couple of matches and I must say it does get a little crazy… and fun. If I have any other questions I will be sure to ask here. Thanks again!

Alright so I know this is a double post but I just want to emphasize how awesome your post is… seriously… thank you. Rocking the yellow team now but I plan on getting to the other teams soon.

Glad you are enjoying it! :smiley:

Veeeeery nice!!

A question or two if you have the time:

  1. is there a reason you put the doomed axe in front of Shahbanu on the yellow team? I switched their order in that team And I like it a little better as it fills up Shahbanu faster.
  2. I notice you took a snapshot of your character usage. Is there a site that tracks our character usage and if so which site is it?

Thanks again. I might have more questions later on but these are the ones I can think of for now.

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There is a database that you can link your collection to: https://gowdb.com/

To see your troop usage, go to the “my collection” and sort by Invasions. It took me a few minutes to realize that meant PvP Invasions.

There was also an app created that helps track your requirements to update Kingdoms: New tool analyzes your collection and tells you which kingdom power level tasks you can do right now (based on gowdb)


@ChunkyMono answered the second one - thanks :slight_smile:

How I use yellow.

Everything starts with storms and Finesse. With an Anu medal, he starts 2/11, so he only needs 9 yellow. Axe starts 2/18 and Shah 5/26. Taloca is no worry at the start, 2/16. With Mirror banner, a surge gives Finesse 10/11 and odds are lightning strike will give you that 1 mana from explosions early. He’s easy to fill.

Finesse also gives 6 mana to all if there’s a storm running. So having a storm is integral to that additional mana generating ability. A storm that quits after 4 turns for you is no use. You need to have something mono coloured and your team can recast a storm or has a perma storm.

Shah is not easy to fill even if you put it 2nd, because Finesse takes the yellow and Shah needs 21 mana to get to cast. So, yes you could run it in 2nd slot, use Finesse to give it 6 mana, but you will sit on Finesse still most likely. At the same time, Axe is blocked completely and utterly bar Finesse’s 6 mana to all. It’s going to be sitting at 8/18 and when you cast Shah, you need 11 yellow for Finesse, and 26 yellow/blue or purple before you get to start to fill Doomed Axe.

Yes it’s pretty feasible as Shah is unique with the amount of mana it could generate and you usually have many turns on the trot, but if you don’t it’s going to be void of mana for a while.
Passing the turn in this team is very important, if you pass it, odds are AI team will stock up with a lot of mana, and passing the turn without a damage dealer full, is even worse.

Finesse when full feeds 6 mana to Shah (and all), when a storm is running, so you only need 20 mana, 15 mana after Anu medal for Shah from purple or blue. That’s slow still in today’s world of empowered stuff, but Finesse is resilient to skulls, so can generally survive 2, maybe 3 Web spinners.

That’s how I use it, I can sit Axe when full if I am building Shah, but if there’s alignment for skulls, off it goes.
Alignment for skulls is generally not as good as a magic cast, even though more damage may be done, because magic can always cast first.
Waiting for alignment slows you down. Doing things this way, allows me to sit on alignments if not there, with no worry about continuing filling Shah. At any point skulls align with purple, off it goes. I’m concentrating on using blue and purple to get Shah full.

The other way gives you two issues, being unable to fill Axe early, and not being able to take alignment because it’s not full, or it’s not aligned.

Weapons can negate the need for Stormcaller a little. So Doomed Axe has a light storm, Dancing Daggers a dust storm. I have also used to the yellow weapon ‘Thunderbird’. It is excellent, except it’s slow, but it worked. True damage starts for me at about 40, with Lord of Storms, that accelerates 1 magic per cast. It also hits for 15 damage to all others if a storm is running. Another great thing Thunderbird has is a 3 mana drain for the top troop and a 4 mana give to itself (it also explodes 3 gems, which can occasionally with lightning strike give the turn back).

Taloca vs Winter Imp. Well with Thunderbird, Winter Imp is better. With Doomed Axe or Daggers, Taloca is easier to fill at the back than Winter Imp.

You can do something you very rarely do and run chaos storm on say Frostmage. The drawback with Frostmage, if there is one, is there are no mana bonuses such as water mastery or so on. However Stormcaller does not give a 1/2 start.

I actually prefer Daggers and Thunderbird to Axe most of the time, although Finesse’s 3rd trait boosting its attack along with a Shah cast or two, rocks.

You could run Shaman class, have yellow storm as default, then hopefully cast Axe to reset yellow storm. You get a snare and Shaman has enrage on 4/5, so can pack a punch.

I have also used it with Hierophant and Fireblade, yellow mastery on, fireblade, Axe burns first troop, but it really needs a better burn (works better with Frostfire King for Fireblade with Sunspear).

Daggers and Tbird are 14 mana to fill and with Anu start you only need 12. Daggers kicks 2 troops around, so you can really mess up the AI team. Thunderbird, I have found maybe a little slower, but maybe that is because I haven’t ran it with Winter Imp at the back that often.

The key to the success of using Shah imho is having something that does AE damage, hitting everything. Boosting that damage with Shah can one shot teams even without Taloca. Finesse can finish things off pretty easily.

The drawback to the team is freeze and faster opponents. It does not work on the ZG team with 2 empowered converters and vs L&D, Vanya is often your better choice in 4th slot. Maybe an empowered but it really needs to match your existing colours.

Speed kills, so use other things vs fast speed teams. :smiley: