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Tower of Doom Teams

Hey everyone! Im running what everyone is running for ToD. Im running MC+9, Behemoth, Skadi, Mercy.

Everyone post your team so someone in need might fond help


As a guild event, I doubt you will get many if any at all posting their teams that could help rivals. All the best with the event :+1:

Forest Troll, DB, Azura, Hyndla

19 levels so far. GL

I’ve only played a few levels so far, but I started with Azura and Tesla (quick wins on the low levels) and I’m now using

Emperor Korvash

I doubt many people will be concerned, apart from the few Guilds who actually have a chance (or a desire) to be top of the list.


I agree that most won’t share, especially the guilds/people that were around 2/3 years ago, it made sense not to share teams then due to weekly GW and limited troop selection. Now sharing most teams won’t matter because there are only a handful of guilds with the resources available to spend on the sigils needed to drive them up the LB.

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Well, not a team, but i think it’s valid to share a model of Spreedsheet to help all guilds:

Using Google Spreedsheets you can create one and share/allow any of your guildies to put information for the others. Well, this will work better on Discord where you can create a channel with the link and maybe others too that are useful.

A low rarity team i’ve been using for ToD up to level 13 was:

  • Hero/Thief with Bronzelock Pistol +9
  • Captain Skullbeard
  • Bonnie Rose
  • Cedrick Sparcklesack

All troops traited, it’s a simple variation of the team that uses Greed to obtain gold and boost the spells quickly. Bonnie Rose can finish many enemies easily when you have enough gold. Cedric can disrupt the order of enemies and he increases your gold limit to boost Bonnie and Bronzelock effects. And you can get the traitstones for Cedric on the Glory shop this week so this is another good reason to try using him. Skullbeard could probably be exchanged for something else, as long as the other troop has the trait Greedy.


We have something like that spreadsheet, I recommend everyone get coordinating…

As for teams, I am happy to share the Dawnbringer Mercy Penguin Penguin team that I used for the first two floors lol.


Skullbeard / DB / Anu / Skadi
FT / Elemental bow / 2x Hyndla

Forest troll, apothecary, hyndla, megavore
I’ve had hyndla at well over 100 damage just looping the top 2 :+1:t2:
Key to the boss rooms is throwing everything at the doom troop, that way megavore can still be a threat to the others…


any suggestions without megavore? I don’t have hyndala either. This is what i have


Khorvash definitely, then any green/blue or brown/blue (preferably green/blue to soak up any excess). Behemoth is viable again after his buff but green/blue may work better for you - I’d try gluttony personally :+1:t2:

Forest Troll/Trickster Shot is a wonderful combo.

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How about
(any weapon)
Possesed King

Was fighting well until Room V on floor 17:
Maugrim Woods banner
Forest Troll
Knight + DB
Poison Master

(But now I think of replacing Poison Master with Azura.)

With possessed king wouldnt his summon hurt me in the end?

My experience has been that his transform (I assume that’s what you mean, not his 25% chance to summon Envy on death) is much better in non-player modes, since they don’t get any kingdom bonuses. Being untraited is also good.