What is about level 20 Green Slime on the 1.08 preview?

Is this showing that the troops level will change from 15 to 20 on the 1.08 patch?

I spotted that too… That would be a MASSIVE development in game and not one I’d really welcome…

How about it devs? @Sirrian @Nimhain any hot news given away there? Or is it a red herring or any other fish of your choice…?

If this the new set up for 1.08, we would need a whole lot of soul for updating troops. A lot more than before… Ummm,., I wonder…

We’re currently got a new video in the works that should help explain. Hoping to get the next video out by the end of the week.


ALSO I see the kingdom were listed as 10. instead of the current 10 as the crown figures. SO this probably hinting that the kingdom level would also go up from 10 to … like 15 ? Let see…

But maybe it would not be souls that upgrade troops higher, and not gold to level kingdoms over 10. Maybe it will take the new crafting items to upgrade.

Considering the Slime was still Epic while still being level 20, there’s also the chance that fusing troops will level up a lvl 15 (with or without some souls as well) rather than up their rarity status.

So there may not be any Mystic Dire Wolves. =P

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I think the same way than you.
But I think that the fusing troop feature will increase the max level only.
So we will need souls to level up the troops to level 20.
And maybe that’s why devs didn’t create a soul chest type as souls will be used to level up troops.

Troops always come out of chests at their base rarity. It’s to help player’s distinguish what kind of troop they got.

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That’s a good little tid bit of info! I’ll be sure to remember that after 1.0.8 comes out. :slight_smile:

I will have them :smile: