Upgrading troops more quickly


If there is one thing I’d really like to see in this game, it’s the ability to upgrade a troop to the max of your available souls.It’s can be a bit tedious to level up a troop 15 times, even more so when a new kingdom is released and you need to level up several. :confused:

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Yes it has been suggested more than once to the devs and from what we know they are working on something in the next release.


I know it has, but not on this forum and I really want this feature! :stuck_out_tongue:
If what you say is true, it makes me happy! ^^


+1 to this one from me

@Sirrian is this in the current working list?



already mentioned many times before, yes, and i agree too. :3


I was actually going to post a request like this until it showed me this was here in the “your request is similar to…” window. Here’s hoping it’s in the next update!


Hey Guys,

Unfortunately this isn’t in the 1.0.7 Patch, but we are hoping to add this feature to the following patch.