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Where is green slime etc?

I thought green slime and troops like that were in 1.08?

To summarize, no new troops/kingdoms were added to the update, and will instead continue to be added on a weekly basis as per normal.

All of the Troops that are “missing” were weekly Events before, so I assume they are for us. We are on a new rotation of Events since we basically have everything else now with Bone Dragon.

Well, ALL of those troops were added - we can’t update the game weekly like the PC/mobile side does. We need to schedule & plan months of events & troop releases in advance, and then let them play out. Just one of the reasons the console side is harder to develop for.

But yes, the troops added are not AVAILABLE until their events start. Remember that we’re almost a full year’s worth of events behind the PC/mobile side! We’re doing things to cut that time down, but it’s always going to be a bit of a lag. Of course, that means you can find out from PC/mobile folks exactly how good a new card is, so you know which to buy in multiples.

can’t you guys put some of em in the card pool… I thought I read somewhere that goal was to get consoles only a month or so behind pcs… but we’ll never catch up with all th event runnin… and it would just cost to much glory to throw up multiple at once…

The big problem is people want to spend money to buy gems for traitstones. However, they also want to have a chance at getting those new troops with gem chests.

I think you’re kind of shooting yourself in the foot. You would make a lot more money if we had access to those troops now.

When a new kingdom appears, all of the associated cards drop in at once. So you’ll get them much faster than just 1 per week.