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What are the best mythics to medal?

Besides Phoenicia, what other mythics benefit most from medaling them?

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I have a preference for Mistralus (Mage role: 6 magic, splash damage, casted 1-4 times, on a troop with an extra turn attached. That’s a lot of value.) then High King Irongut (unique 4% gain to its Devour rate from +4 attack, which is different from just “damage” or “health/armor” that most troops would get). From there, it kinda depends. A lot of the troops that gain the most from medals don’t actually get used all that much.

I plan to update/revamp my older topic after the December Mythic. Looks like I won’t have to adjust too much on the list.


In my experience those things can’t actually have medals used on them.

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  • Phoenicia - Mage, gains 6 magic, which is 12 extra damage to all enemies during a Firestorm.
  • Arachnaean Weaver - Warlock, gains 1 Attack, 3 Armor, 7 Life, and 3 Magic. Weaver does True Damage though, so the 3 extra damage is pretty good, and the armor/life keeps her alive a bit longer. Only hits the last two enemies, but she’s one of the best mythics because she has a high (75%) chance to summon a Webspinner on enemy death and she has Stealth.
  • Euryali - Mage, gains 6 Magic – although this isn’t doubled like Phoenicia, it is true damage which she deals to all enemies.
  • Megavore - Assassin, gains 4 Attack and 5 Magic. However, Megavore’s ability is very unique, because he deals (Magic*2)+7 damage to an enemy after removing all armor. That means his 5 Magic, like Phoenicia, translates to an extra 10 damage, which is true damage effectively after the armor is removed.

I doubt that even 1% of players are around the stage where levelling mythics is even an option. The “Geoff” achievement in terms of completion by player percentage demonstrates this. So this post will only have perhaps input from the most addicted players. The mere mortals amongst us probably don’t envisage medalling mythics ever.


Well if I’m still playing in three years I might have enough for one, and at that stage it’d have to be decided real real carefully…

Draakulis gets +6 magic on AOE true damage (life steal rather but same thing).
Elemaugrim gets +6 magic on AOE damage that loops.
Euryali also gets +6 magic on AOE true damage.
Infernus gets +6 magic on 2x splash damage, maybe +9 or +12 to a target depending on the board.
Ishtara also gets +6 magic on AOE damage that loops.

Though more likely than not I’d rank up Obsidius or TPK for sheer usefulness.

Sacred Treasure
Just for the :muscle:


Best answer to the question in topic name would be:

“The ones that you use”.

I see no point in medaling troops that you take from the closet every now and than just to clean dust from them and put them back in the closet for another year or something… :wink:


There’s other factors too, no matter how much you use Zuul, 4 attack and 4 magic won’t do much for him.

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Nope. You’re wrong. Seen few successful GW builds with Zuul on 1st spot, so that 4 attack sometimes might matter.

There are only few troops that are pointless to medal. One of them is Tesla, that gains nothing from extra magic.
But Tesla isn’t a mythic.

6 Nyshas or equivalent for +4 attack on a troop rarely used on top and that gets +5 all stats on skull matches that he can create himself ? Ok I’m sold. :wink:

One of my favorite teams for PvP actually has Zuul’Goth right in front, followed by Apophisis, Fist of Zorn, and then Life and Death. You get to open with skulls (either converting yellow or green) and things like Entangle don’t affect Zuul, things like Webspinner can’t triple damage him… etc.

No one mentioning Irongut? He gets a few extra attack from the silver and gold upgrades. The difference between 70 and 73 attack is the same as the difference between 1 failure per 3.33 attempts and 1 failure per 3.70 attempts, about a 10% improvement. That’s roughly the same % improvement as Phoenicia’s 49->54 base damage, for example.

I actually did, after Mistralus


I’m pretty partial to Euryali, myself. She’s easy to fill mana-wise, and she can easily clear any delve event where she’s allowed, regardless of whatever class one’s leveling.

That’s more a time-saver than anything else, though; I don’t have enough Nyshas to upgrade the ones I actually use a lot in Wars (and which probably wouldn’t benefit all that much, anyway, like Zuul).

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Has anyone done a list of legendary/lower rarity troops that are worth upgrading? I looked and didn’t find much…just what to avoid upgrading.

Anything you use often.

Empowered Converters.

Anything that gives 50% mana start.

Most Warmasters.

Troops that come into play a lot from summons, etc…

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not that I know of.

Most of the best upgrades in the lower rarities don’t get used basically ever.

Otherwise, Mages or Generators get the most value in my eyes in the lower rarities. For legendaries, its basically what you use. Like Queen Titania gets really good value from being upgraded, but I never use her anywhere.


The way tokens are currently distributed, the only way I see myself medaling mythics is to gamble with lower-rarity medals after I’ve medaled all the lower-level troops I use. Which is a while away, to say the least (particularly since medaling faction troops seems to be a better use of medals than on troops I use in other modes).

For low rarities, I found medals helpful on the bounty troops I use the most