What are the best troops (Mythic) to gold medal?

What are the best troops (Mythic) to gold medal? and why?

Phoenicia, in my opinion, is the best because of her magical boost.

Any other mythic that you recommend for a gold medal and why? Thanks

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  • Draakulis, Scourge of Honor, and Euryali similar to Phoenicia for magic boost.
  • HKI, TINA and Zuul for overall increase in stats, because why not?

I mean you can probably find others that would benefit a bit, but I don’t think it will be as game changer as the ones above.

Id take Zuul off the list and add Mistralus.

None of the mythics last year are too impressive with medals, but Consort of Darkness would get a higher % chance to slay with +4 magic, and Dark Smith Drenza gets 1.5magic on his +4 magic gain.


I gold medaled Zuul since I am using him so much in farming, but good point on Mistralus. I never use her except Guild War, but additional magic would help during Guild War (well, would make things faster).

Personally I wouldn’t medal Zuul because he gains magic (useless to him) and attack (I never run him in first place).

I’d agree with Phoenicia and TINA. I also did The Grey King as I use a lot in Guild Wars and every little helps there


Related question - HOW is the best way to get Mythics medalled? What combination of medals should I use? Obviously x3 Nysha is best but I ain’t spending 40 hours a week grinding Explore

all are already mentioned, but as you are not a beginner, more experienced player let me add:
gold medal HKI, Consort of Darkness and The Archduke only if you use them in delves when you didn’t use a high hoard or many potions to increase their devour/slay chances anyway to almost 100.
then there is megavore which boosts of magic times 2, but do you use him?
same question for Mistralus, TGK, AW, Ketras, MoD, Ubastet, Enraged Kurandara, TLoS, Obsidius, Infernus: do you use them often enough? do you use them in a slot where the benefit is helpful (like TLoS in first slot)?
Ketras for example would benefit from medalling, but i haven’t used him since ages.
so my first mythics were: Phoe, Draak, TSoH, HKI, TINA.
i do no GW i have to say


All of them. :star_struck:

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Pan is super useful gold medaled, and is a mainstay on my PvP team along with Zuul, Thrall, and not totally-upgraded EoE. Definitely a troop I’ve seen underrated by the community. Gaard’s Avatar is another one that benefits from the increased stats. Most others have been already stated like Phoenicia and HKI.

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Ive heard a rumor that i havent verified that if you use world event medals on sunday before they turn into seasons on monday you still get the same amount of seasons you wouldah got. Free low percent chance every week to medal up a mythic with no loss or downside…if true.

I recommend Phoenecia 1st, then in no particular order: Arachnean Weaver, The Gray King, Tina.

For me a mythic has to meet two criteria before I upgrade it.

  1. It has to be a troop I use all the time (more than once a month).
  2. It has to benefit significantly from the upgrade (not just a few extra health)

I broke my own rule with Zuul because he’s my favorite troop and I use him every day.

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As already mentioned:

The Scourge of Honor

Reason: all of them get the most important stat boost, which is MAGIC, and therefore they do more damage which could be the difference of being able to “one shot” one level higher explore battles.

HKI is good option but the way HKI is used (mostly) is in delves, and with just 100 hoard you are close to 100% devour chance without any medaling already.

Zuul’Goth is a waste IMO.

My favourite combo right now is gold medaled Phoenicia and Gold medaled Magma Dragon. Both get nice boost to their spell damage, which already get boost from red (and brown) gems on the board.

With Maraji Queen both get 50% start and when you cast Leprechaun, both of them of them fill up a lot of times after Lep cast and you can spam T1 PvP quickly, or do E9 or maybe even E10 with just one cast from both damage dealer.

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I forgot about The lord of Slaughter. Love that thing!

How do you all go about medaling Mythics? Which medals do you use?

Medal of Seasons, all day everyday! Once I have around 60 Medal of Seasons saved up, I’ll just start gambling with it for mythics. Medals of Anu I’ll actually save for legendary troops, and the odd Nysha for a guaranteed upgrade, although I’m working on my sixth ever Nysha right now, so those don’t appear very often even with regular farming.


I never gamble (did that before with Phoenicia, left a huge scar after 33 medal of Araanea). So, I use 3 Anus for the first and then 5 more (2+3) Nyshas for the rest.

Do mind that I farm medals and E12 a lot, so I am not short on resources.

I gamble with some medals. Depends on which one

I only have 8 mythics with medals. Three of them are Gold, three are Silver, two are Bronze.

Some others I wouldn’t mind getting medals on:

Suna, Aquaticus, The Archduke, The Lord of Slaughter


All farming Troops.