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What are the best mythics to medal?

For me it it:

  • All summons (bandits, spiders, sisters of pains etc.) as these appear every now and then
  • for same reason -> most, if not all ASE troops (all ocularen)
  • all 6 guild guardians from the 2nd gen (those with gain +4 to all skills as 3rd traits) -> found that using 3x of those + hero on ToD is quite cheap and deadly team accessible to most players
  • my 3 bounty troops that I use in every bounty event
  • faction troops, for new released factions and for other faction troops, if i’m attempting pure 500 on that faction

Spent 3x anu to get Mother of Darkness to bronze(as she was part of my GW team), but that was it.
As far as today i don’t recall medalling other legendaries or mythics other than listed above. Maybe i’ve forgot about few…

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Firstly I will get this out of the way;

The main problem is the actual cost to medal the troops and the availability of medals.

I have 13 Nysha medals and 4 Anu medals. It takes 5 Nysha and 3 Anu’s to upgrade 1 Mythic, or 6 Nysha medals. Averaging at 1 token:100? explores / Nysha.

You need to have a base of 3 medals of Nysha for gameplay options (you could argue 2, but I sometimes use 3 with Phoenicia or soul teams). So even with 13 stashed, it’s only 10 and the best I can do is still medal 1 Mythic, one with 3 Anu’s and 5 Mythics, leaving 8 left, and I have to gain either 1 more Anu medal or 1 more Nysha medal for a second.

At a rate of less than 1 Nysha medal per month (are you watching Devs?) that’s at best 2 medalled mythics a YEAR, keeping 3 Nysha for gameplay options. Bearing in mind there’s 11? Mythics / year, it’s not even keeping near the status quo.

In other words, if you do upgrade – make it a wise choice.

Phoenicia is an obvious one, but unnecessary maybe? You can do explore 5 with it , without medalling if you have a few magic stats.

Irongut, a slightly better chance to devour, but I use it in delves where I have the highest Hoard

I’m ok with 135 starting attack… with 2 Nyshas for more for Angry Mob…

So no need for Irongut

ZG, no need, skull teams give him more (there is one option I could do)

Good options, but don’t use enough

Phoenicia - no need explore 5, maybe if casual pvp for pets on vault weekend, or if you want to set the bar at explore 7 for gold - no need.

Weaver - has good value as it can with 3 Nysha and L&D take out the bottom 2 slots if L&D already hit with it’s first cast. Can get 66 True Damage I think. Good on Defence. Don’t use it as much as I used to, and it’s good enough already.

Megavore - yes, agree, he can do 105/107 armour strip fully medalled. That can be enough to kill a lot of troops without any other damage. Plus he can be boosted further by Dervish.

Mistralus is good value. I probably ought to use it more. Boosted damage and an extra turn doesn’t hurt, what hurts the most with it is when it fires once or twice, rather than 3 or 4 times.

So where can you find a troop that is usable, that gives you value for your medalling.

In E12 I use this team a fair amount.


Ubastet - gains 4 magic and 4 attack from medals. With 2 MoS, he starts with 81 attack and 38 magic in that team without medals. With 2 Nysha 73 Attack and 46 magic - the same basically. As his 3rd trait boosts hero with +1 magic and +1 attack too - Sunspear hero, at the starting board he is doing 135 damage.

Using this team can be either ZG into skulls, triple skull damage, kill, 1, 2 or 3. Rare for 3, happens, 2, fairly often, 1 generally all the time. When you reduce the AI opponents, Ubastet’s boost ratio lowers, so sometimes I am 4 or 5 damage away from a lethal to kill them with 1 Rope Dart, 1 ZG and 1 Uba, which is generally setup with 2 casts of Thrall.

So, in some games, 4/5 magic short of a lethal with 2 left, can be made up with medalling and speeds up the explore. So I will probably do Ubastet first.


Plenty to discuss, but I’ll give one example that physically works.


Gains 4 magic and attack. It’s a front slot capable troop with 30% skull reduction, that stuns on brown matches. If using poison in the team it is capable of quadruple true damage, so that 4 magic, makes 16 true damage magic increase in a team with Euryali.

Pop him in the above team in 4th slot for PvP.

He does 54 true damage with 3 Nysha gold medalled. He therefore hits for 162 True Damage on stunned targets and 216 true damage on stunned and poisoned (I’m not using poison, but can in another team).

It’s a baby ZG, and with the stun allows you to pick out stealthy.

So here I have killed the bottom troop and spun the wheels with Thrall and lo and behold, it’s full again and that annoying boss killer troop with stealth is now stunned and can now also be 1 shot.

If it wasn’t gold medalled, it can’t be in range, none of the targets can. :slight_smile:

So, for me, that works as a legendary I can physically benefit from in my gameplay.

3 more attack from Red Epic Tasks at 12 is possible too, really helps, haven’t got it here yet.


I mean if you’re choosing Basilisk as an upgrade target (which is a good upgrade target, if you use it)


We’re already at the point where those 4 points of attack actually matter.

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Pretty nifty there indeed, and all that skull damage once it 100% devours :slight_smile:

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Thing is, upgrading ZG with medals is not useless. Everything else is player preference.

Why would anyone medal Phoenica, if they dont use her at all ?

But, as @xolid99 has already said -> medalling mythics should be a very precise and thoughtful decidion as medals needed to upgrade them are quite rare to obtain. (still missing few tokens for my 3rd nysha medal)

0.01% have 100 troops of any rarity fully medalled. This post is only showing how desperate addiction levels can reach.

Or how patient some people are? :man_shrugging:

If people know they’ll be playing for as long as the game exists, and they know they get a Nysha token a day/week/month/whatever, it doesn’t matter if they can elite level a mythic now, as the assumption is they will someday have the resources required; therefore, it is good to plan ahead to make a good choice.

Feel free to take your negativity somewhere else. There are others here trying to have a thoughtful discussion devoid of shade.


Patient? Man the lunacy of that single world speaks volumes
This is by far the finest admonishment of players with absolutely no life beyond this bug fest that they spend their entire life playing

As stated many times before, no one is forcing you to play or to be here on the forums. I don’t tell you how to play or what is enjoyable for you anymore than I would tell a person how much to spend in a casino. Some players use just the freebies and accept one day they will get comped. Others spend hundreds or thousands and always get those perks. The level of enjoyment is subjective and each person can decide that for themselves.

If someone wants to rush to the medal achievement or medal certain mythic i have no idea why that concerns you or upsets you soo much. Everyone has their own game goals that keeps them motivated, I say let them have it. No one is forcing them or you to complete them.

Seriously, quit the game, you have nothing left to provide in terms of advice or assistance.

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Xmas day…hey son will you carve the turkey? Certainly mother…just let me collect my tributes 1st.

I’m definitely leaning toward Mistralus at the moment. I don’t use HKI for anything (all delves are maxed), but I do use Mistralus every guild war.

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What next after Mistralus?

Unfortunately, it comes down to what you like to use. The new Scourge of Honour is a pretty decent choice if you like True Damage to All Enemies type of troops. Likewise, a little bit more life and armor on Sycorax isn’t a bad thing. As long as Sycorax is alive, it can bring you back into the game.

If you ever use Elemaugrin, Ishtara, or The Worldbreaker, they get good benefits as well.

A lot of troops unfortunately fall under the “They don’t get much benefit from medals” category

You can always wait to see any future mythics are worth medaling… but I havent seen any in the next few months that wows me and makes me want to medal it.