A New Mythic Approaches - The Scourge of Honor

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New Mythic Troop: The Scourge of Honor The Scourge of Honor will be the only Mythic Troop available in Glory, Gem, Guild & VIP Chests for the next 7 days.

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10k seals
300-400 gem keys
1500 glory keys

4k seals
180 gem keys
25k-ish glory

Is this troop good? I can’t tell. After being medaled while using 3 Nyshas, it can 3 shot Explore 12, which is interesting…

I’d say it’s okay. Absent Phoenicia, it would be amazing, since it can function as a nice one-shot machine for casual PvP under about 9k or Explore 5 (maybe 6 with medals?). However, it’s kind of redundant since Phoenicia does in fact exist. I guess Curse is helpful if you’re combining it with HKI (though that’s a lot of mana to fill), but Disease just isn’t enough of a game-changer for that third trait to matter a ton, at least so far.


Better curse troops available.


I’m loving this Mythic, with Gold Elite and 3 Nysha medals it can one shot Explore 5, with Khetar being the best kingdom because the enemies have less life there and no spell damage reduction traits. And it can start at half mana when paired with King Silenus. And it does not require a storm like Phoenicia does, so it works well with any class you need to level. To be honest, I will probably get more use out of this Mythic than any of the Mythics released in 2020.


Just coming in to say that Tink + Phoenicia, you can use any class as well since Tink makes storms every turn.

Have not used new mythic yet but will definitely try this setup. Thanks.

Draakulis does Magic+5 life steal (true damage) to all, for only 20 mana, with fast start from Ghost Queen.

Euryali does magic+2 true damage, boosted by naga and undead (always minimum of +3) for 22 mana, fast start (40%) with ishbaala.

Venoxia does magic+4 true damage to all. No fast start, but only costs 16 mana, with a high chance for looping as it creates 18 gems of two colors.

Scourge is somewhat interesting in that he can gain some mana back for a second cast if he fails to kill everything, but with no chance for extra turn, I’m not sure I can see myself using him to farm high-level explores (Venoxia is better), and damage is lower than phoenicia, so I can’t see myself using him to farm low-level explores either. He’s not terrible, and for a newbie, he might be useful, but he’s niche at best for most established players.


I am aware of the Phoenicia/Tink combo, but for me it’s not quite as consistent because with your hero on the team, you would only have room for either Maraji Queen or Leprechaun, but not both. Leprechaun would be better, but then you would not have any starting mana. So you would likely have to match some green, red or yellow gems to finish filling Phoenicia. However, Draakulis or Crimson Bat with Ghost Queen could work too, so I will give that a try.

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15k guild seals and nothing, another 1k and… 2 copies…
will take it…

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