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Best and Worst Mythics to Elite upgrade, End of 2020

Sorry, been preoccupied and lazy. Great combo. I’ve been asked if I would update my original list to include this year’s mythics and well… yes.

Best and Worst Mythics to Elite upgrade (A topic made on Feb 29th, so that a leap year will matter)

Rather than just add on to the list, I want to rehash my thoughts and hope it makes some semblance of sense.

Warning 1: Personal opinions incoming
Warning 2: The list is not gospel. Medal the troops you like and the troops you use. I won’t tell you that your opinion is wrong.
Warning 3: What I suggested and what I upgraded are two different things. I’ll list my upgrades at the end and let you consider what I said/did afterwards in terms of validity.

The Best:


This should come as a surprise of no one.

As a troop used for a very strong one shot cast, 6 magic/6 damage to all enemies with a 2x damage clause to do 12 extra damage to all enemies is a very high value. It allows you to move the bar a little bit higher for Phoenicia’s main purpose.
Value: Up to +48


For the longest time, I put High King Irongut as my second choice, however at the time of typing this list, I find Mistralus a bit more appealing.

As a Mage, it also gets +6 magic, but its attached to a troop that does splash damage from 1-4 times AND gets an Extra Turn back. +6 Magic on 4 splash damage hits is a big value of extra damage. The Extra Turn is also big as it creates new opportunities to loop this troop or just create an opening for a different troop.

Not telling you how to play your troops, but Sycorax -> Mistralus is a fun combination.
Value: Up to +48, though you’ll probably never see the full 48.

High King Irongut

This one may bring up a debate. There are many that don’t see the point of upgrading it since they only use this troop in Delves, where Irongut will typically already have over 100 Attack.

I find the value is potentially creating that same benefit outside of Delves. We’re getting to that point where its possible to give Irongut 100 Attack on the dot with one Fist of Zorn cast, which is quite interesting. As an Assassin it gains 4 attack/4 magic, which gives a unique benefit of +4% chance to devour, where as most troops just do damage. Its an upgrade for long term potential.
Value: 4% chance to devour. Its actual +4 attack/+4 magic is nothing to write home about.


This suggestion is more abstract and a troop I only really thought to place this high as I’m writing this list.

On paper, it only gains stats. 14 armor, 10 life. That doesn’t help you “win faster.” What it does do though is give Sycorax just a little bit more cushion to live and with Sycorax, that’s all you need to restart its engine and push whatever gem color you chose to untouchable territories.

Ever had that moment where you thought, if I just had a few more life, Life & Death/A.Weaver won’t kill me, creates Webspinners and make the game impossible to come back from? That’s what this upgrade is for.

Value: 14 Armor/10 Life but really, comeback potential.

Sacred Treasure

If you can upgrade this, then you’re feeling pretty good about your medal farming and your life. And really, isn’t feeling good all you need in life?

Value: Personal Satisfaction

The Potential:


As a Mage, it gains 6 magic. Stealing an extra 6 life from all enemies and gaining it for itself is pretty good value. Does anyone use this troop? Not really? but the numbers are technically there upgrading purposes.
Value: Up to +48 split, 24 damage/24 life

Looping Damage to all Enemies Troop

The Worldbreaker

If you love them and you use them, then a repeatable extra 6 damage to all enemies adds up fast.

Value: up to +24, over and over and over…


Mambasira is a bit messy to calculate for with its formula of : Deal (half) - [(Magic x 1.25) + 2] damage to 6 random Enemies. Seriously, 1.25? why?

Given that this troop gains 4 magic from being a Striker, it’ll do somewhere between 2 - 5 damage to 6 random enemies. It “can” do a lot of extra damage off the jump.

I still wouldn’t actually “use” this troop as is until they buff it, if they ever do. It really needs a secondary effect.

Value: Somewhere between +10 and +30, though the chances of seeing either extreme is non-existant. Can stack on a target.


The most recent Mythic gets a large value from its upgrade simply because its damage is Magic * 2. As a Striker, it gains 4 magic, which translates to 8 damage on 3 targets. Nothing else to say, really.

Value : +24 and good double tapping potential.


Both troops are classified Assassins for +4 attack/+4 magic. Ubastet gains +4 to 2 enemies, for 8 damage (I’m not going to calculate +4 attack on a 6:1 ratio, though it might eventually matter for someone). Umenath sometimes gets used in the first slot where +4 attack benefits from the Hunter’s Mark skull hit.

The reason you upgrade these aren’t for anything of the thing I’ve listed. You upgrade it to close the gap more on its potential one shot kill (Umenath) or free secondary instakill (Ubastet). At some point, with more stats, they might consistently one shot enemies more often.

Ubastet needs a ratio buff again, now that Infernus + Ubastet isn’t an instawin combo anymore. Balance, mirite?

Value: +8 for Ubastet/+4 for Umenath, but more for future potential value


Basically Ubastet/Umenath, but with less flare and math. Another Magic x 2 troop.

Value: Up to +8, but the reason to upgrade it would be to help reach a potential one hit kill or setup a follow up kill.

The Viable:

Mages with Damage to All Enemies + without magic reduction

Fallen Valdis
Will of Nysha

Placement on this list does not indicate its value on a tier list. On paper, they gain +6 for +24 Value. All there really is to it. I do like Will of Nysha though, unironically.

Would love a buff though so others could like it.

Value: Up to +24

Other Infernus-like troops


Plenty of value, but not the marquee stars.

Value: Up to +24 with Infernus, Up to +18 with Aquaticus, Up to +14 (6, 4, 4) or +22 (6, 1, 1) with Obsidius

Other Troops with +Magic with Damage to All Enemies

Gaard’s Avatar
Enraged Kurandara
The Possessed King

I had to word it very carefully to avoid lumping Champion of Anu in this grouping. They’re okay, but you’re not getting as much value out of these troops as other damage to all enemies.

Gaard’s Avatar could use a buff from Magic/2 to just Magic. It was one of the earlier Mythics, hence the lower power… but now, it should be bumped up to standard.

Value: Up to +12 with Gaard’s Avatar. up to +16 with Enraged Kurandara, up to +16 with Plague, up to +12 with The Possessed King, but expect to lose it from Transforms. Some minimal life/armor gains.


This one is really hard to visualize quickly. With 2 magic, you gain 2-4 true damage to 3 random enemies and gain 4 armor. If it was a higher value of magic, it would be a great upgrade (think Assassin), but as a Warrior, its less exciting.

Value: From up to +10 to +16 value. 4 from Armor gain. Some life/armor from upgrades as well.

Ketras the Bull

The more I look at this troop and its upgrades, the less I care. It gains 2 magic, 6 life, 2 armor, and 4 attack which amounts to 2 + 6 boost dmg splashed. The fact is that the boosted damage can be chipped away and the fact Im starting to get tired of writing this topic may be why I’m so down on it.

Value: Up to +16, mainly boosted from life/armor/attack gain. Drops in value as Ketras takes damage.


Arachnaean Weaver

Let’s get this one over with. Yes, its used often in a popular team. No, I don’t think +4 True Damage to 2 different enemies is all that great unless Weaver can specifically kill with it. The +1 attack is pointless, the +7 life, +3 armor is fine. Yes, upgrading it would help, but no, I don’t think its going out of your way to upgrade until many of the other more interesting upgrades are done first. Where as Umenath is designed to assassinate and Ubastet can get a free kill if it kills one, this here is just damage with a bonus explosion if it kills.

Value: Up to +8 True damage, and some durability

Mother of Darkness

Basically Arachnaean Weaver upgrades, without the durability upgrades

Value: Up to +8

Shahbanu Vespera

It gains 4 magic and some durability. On Vespera, that’s +2 on a looping troop. The loop saves it.

Value: +2, but looping potential

Queen Aurora

It gains 4 magic on a looping troop, so in theory it should be good. But, I don’t care for it because it can’t do anything for itself, when Sycorax can give life to itself.

Value: Up to +12 as life gain

Just Okay:


Value: More durability on a summoner.

Champion of Anu

Value: More durability on a self-buffer

Champion of Gaard

Value: More durability on a self-buffer

Flame of Anu

Value: Up to +12 including its trait potential, up to +8 not counting it


Value: Up to +8


Value: Up to +8


Value: More durability on a tank


Value: Up to +6

The Grey King

Value: Up to +12, but not always possible to get full value and the 3rd trait is likely to make the upgrade seem less valuable.

The Lord of Slaughter

Value: More durability and attack on a front line troop.

Tian Yi

Value: Mainly the +4 Attack gives it a bit more range for its double damage condition, otherwise its a pointless upgrade.


Value: Up to +4, but might help get the secondary devour trigger.


Value: Up to +8

Nearly Pointless:

Pharoah Nefertani
Shade of Zorn
Voice of Orpheus


Jotnar Stormshield
King Bloodwood
Yasmine’s Chosen

The Worst:

Queen of Sin
The Wild Queen

Largely, it comes down to the Warmaster role giving Life, Armor, and Attack on Spell Casters being kinda pointless for its medal cost to upgrade.


It gains 4 Attack and 4 Magic. Magic does nothing for Zuul’Goth, and 4 attack is completely overshadowed by taking a skull match to gain 5 to all stats. Upgrading it is basically a trophy, only with none of the satisfaction of being an absolute dud like the Sacred Treasure.

I have personally upgraded the following:
High King Irongut, Phoenicia, Mistralus, Enraged Kurandara

Happy New Year to everyone and see you all in 2021.


I agree with the assessment of Ketras — did it for the Guild Wars lolz, went 0/17 last War, so 🥲

Worth it while it lasted, but now I wish my only gold-elite mythic was something I actually used offensively (only 15 [EDIT 14] more Nysha tokens to go before I get that by having a gold-elite Euryali, yay! :grin:) — so I guess that means Arachnean Weaver lovers also beware :laughing:

I don’t know what I’ll go for next. I’m leaning toward Irongut for the potential future-value buuuuut maaaaaaybe something else I’d rather medal will actually come about in the future, so I’m torn.

And also I want Mistralus and Stonehammer and Megavore and basically any mythic with Wars utility to get some love, so — I’m a hot, prattling mess :joy:

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who knows, maybe they’ll make an interesting mythic next year?

well, we can dream

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With enough time they’re bound to, even if only by mistake! :rofl:

Well, the very first mythic of the year (tomorrow) does Magic-scaled true damage to all and is Mage role (+6 magic with Elite gold), so there’s that already.

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