What Arcane stones has been in the weekly glory packs so far? (Warning: Spoilers)

Just wondering about this. Thanks for the help!

Yellow Blue 2x
Brown Purple
Yellow Green
Reb Blue
Brown Yellow
Red Yellow

Thank you! So thats good cuz im looking for Purple/green and red/brown.

Next week is yellow green again, for Mist of Scales, from what I last heard.

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oh :frowning: Its not officialy said yet?

No clue where the person I got the info from got the colors from, but it has to be one of these two:



those is their avatars?

It’s the banner that shows up during the daily bonus thing. They are more than likely the next 2 event troops. These two should hopefully be followed be the new kingdom, but that is unlikely due to 1.0.9 being needed before the next kingdom can go live.

Ah, what is the snake troop in Venoxias background called? Couldnt find her/him.

Looks like gems of war has a leaking problem with their game.

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They have been leaking stuff since the game started. All you have to do is check the game files. They just about always update in advance so that updates run smoothly.

Well Venoxias’s kingdom, Mist of Scales, only has 7 troops. Maybe it’s an 8th troop for them.

Yeah, thats possibly true, the game doesnt have any anaconda monster yet, either. :slightly_smiling:

Looks more like a raptor to me. A mix between the Jurassic Park kind and the actually feathery kind.

Ah, I meant the snakely creature that is far behind in the background. :slightly_smiling:

That is the standard Mist of Scales background

Yeah, you can see the snake in the background there, right behind the logo. It looks more like a statue for me tho, after zooming a little in. :innocent:

Ooh. Come to me, Mist of Scales thingy.

Yep, yellow/green. Ultra rare instead of epic this week. Added to Arena I hope.

Can you stop giving spoilers like that on this forum?
I’m also knowing of this kind of stuffs but I didn’t “share” it because:

  1. some players may not want to know what will be the next troop in two weeks. Please, respect their choice.
  2. the only way for devs to answer to that is to “hide” these informations. You really want that?