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What Arcane Stones are you patiently waiting for and why?

Thought I’d start this topic based on a little back and forth going on in other threads. As most of us know, one of the hold-your-breath moments of the weekly reset is to see what kind of Arcane Stone will be available in the weekly troop/weapon glory bundle (or one of the real money bundles if you’re rich as Croesus). Since we only have so much Glory to go around each week I’m forced to conserve a bit for when the real juicy weeks hit.

At risk of perhaps giving away future battle plans what are you waiting for? The top two I’m awaiting to blow a savings of Glory on is:

Arcane Beast - maxing out Gloom Leaf and Hobgoblin? No brainer.
Arcane Spirit - would love to see how Arcane and Huge on Abhorath would be for my soul farmer PvP team.

Others less important but tempting would be:
Arcane Blood - Hydra would be a real monster with Jinx and Huge. Huge goes perfectly with his spell.
Arcane Blade - Sunweaver with Jinx and Water Spirit makes her the perfect team member for Hydra.
Arcane Dark - Carnex with Armored and Avina with, well everything :wink:
Arcane Light - I’m wondering if a True Shot Orion would be better then a Centaur Scout. Would a bit beefier attack and a Hunters Mark/True Shot combo be better than Agile? Expensive experiment to run though…

So what troops are you patiently awaiting to fully unleash?

Everybody is waiting for Arcane Venom. You’ll see in the future why :slight_smile:

That’s my bet.

It’s not for a legendary troop. I am not telling which one, i am too afraid for a nerf :wink:

Skull, Planes, Lava Why? Full trait Dragon Team

You think we don’t all dream of facing an Arcane Venoxia?

Heck, my Arcane Pegasus catches enough people off guard on defense.


Not patient.

I have three of those. So what can i do with them?

I want:
Arcane Forest (for Fenrir)
Arcane Swamp (for Druid)
Arcane Beast (for Barbearius)
in that order.

Those are for my main team. As of now, there is no other troop I particualrly want to trait.

Need Arcane Lava stones, 9 more. Already found 3. “Already” must be ironic, almost impossible to get those Arcane stones…

If you ask me, its a joke that an epic needs 12 Arcane stones to get all its traits. 5 would had been plenty.

I am waiting for arcane blood for my bats! :slight_smile:

I need like a million Mountains between Gob-Chomper and Gorgotha.


Would be nice to have information on where/how we can get these stones and the other runes. Simply hoping they pop up doesn’t get them coming anytime soon.

The two of you will be happy the next couple events if the devs don’t change anything. :wink:


Every kingdom drops the traitstone colors of the banner for the kingdom.

You can’t see the banner without going into a challenge and clicking ‘scout’. So a bit pointless really. And there’s no guarantee it’s the same for console either.

Maybe this list can help you when it comes to knowing were to hunt for the differently stones/arcanes.

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You can also go here to find the info: Guide to Traits - 1.0.8

That said, yes, they need to do a better job of messaging this in-game.