Welcome Puzzle and Glory players!

Welcome to Gems of War, I’m Loke guild leader of FeloniusPunks in PaG and I’d like to welcome all the new incoming players.

As very few of you know, based on the game’s low population, PaG gave up the ghost and many players are looking for a new home.

I’m here to help you in the transition and welcome any of the vets here to jump in, say hi, and perhaps a few tips for beginners.

Find some old friends or make some new ones.

Welcome Forgotten Faith, Twilight Moon, Canadian a bacon, and Transylvania. Guilds whom I believe transitioned in. I’ll post tips or links shortly. There’s some great information found it the guides/strategy section of this forum.



If you’re coming from a similar but different game, as well as the various guides here, the Gems of War wiki is a good place to get a handle on all the GoW stats and specific concepts.

It sounds like a few (large?) guilds are coming across wholesale. If so, it’ll be interesting to see you get up to speed in our league. :sunglasses:

One important thing to understand if you’re learning the game is that PC/mobile are on version 1.0.9 so any guide written earlier than a month ago and not updated may be less accurate. Also, the console players are on their own version of 1.0.7 and are moving to 1.0.85 soon, so there are features that apply only to PC/mobile or only to console.

Thank you for the heads up and the welcome! We’re all moving from a mobile game so that part shouldn’t be an issue.

Possibly the issue may be that we’re moving in from 50 member guilds to smaller guilds. It’s my understanding that max guild size depends on its level? If so, what size do guilds start at?

Hey Loke, I just started my FF guild and it only allows me ten players to start. :cry:

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i believe the max to be 30.

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Sorry to hear that fodder, do y’all have more than 10 moving over? Fortunately Black Rabbit is already at 30.

Yep. We have more than 10 that are playing. But we’re a bit scattered at the moment deciding on what to settle into. LOL

Welcome @_loke and the new influx of players!

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Enjoy your stay here. We’re mostly nice folk, aside from a few gripers :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hi guys:)) we r the former Twilight moon our new guild in GoW is Safe Word.

Welcome aboard.

I’ve never heard of PaG, but a quick glance at the game tells me you’ll probably like this game as well.

LOL we kept our guild name and already have a -1 trophy status for the guild :stuck_out_tongue:

Still lots to learn, but the 30 member cap might have us looking elsewhere to port our guildies (yeah we’re all sticking together like a family). :wink:

It seems it’s only available in the US app store. That explains why not many people are playing it. It looks like a fun game though. You say it has been discontinued?

@Fodder, a couple of options that come to mind:

  1. You could join a guild that’s higher level (and thus has the 30 member cap) but relatively empty & dead. Your guildies can pile in and revitalize it without needing to start from scratch.

  2. But, TBH, the guild doesn’t do much early on. Another option would be for everyone to tune to a specific Global Chat channel. If you pick a random high number like 142 it’ll be dead and will effectively serve as a guild chat for all of your friends until everyone can get in a guild together.

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also, the next patch will have guild improvements, but we don’t know what they are or will be yet.
So perhaps they will increase the limit on members? Something worth keeping an eye out for.

Not next patch but the one after. Next patch has the PVP changes.

I’ll add it to the board to discuss for the Guild patch. No promises though.

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That would be very hard to balance. Tasks will have to end up giving less rewards, but will have the trade off of having more people contributing. If guild size was to rise, they would have to rescale tasks downwards by around 20-25% to allow for something like 50 person guilds. Even then the guild would likely be gaining more resources than currently guild wide, but possibly lower per person.

I think guilds should stay at 30 member max, but have a function that allows guilds to partner together. Something like 5 guilds being able to be grouped. They would still be separate like they are now for trophies and tasks, but their guild chat would be joint. It would also be applicable for things like guild vs guild so people can’t challenge someone of partner guilds; similar to how a person can’t PvP someone from their own guild, a joint guild would not be able to guild vs guild a partner guild.


Hi, im pleased to see this thread. My character’s name was myriddn in p&g. It would be great if we could all continue and play this game instead. Perhaps we should select a chat channel as suggested. :slight_smile:

I could see an argument for more quickly ramping up to 30 members. Or being able to spend Gold/Gems to level up instantly. But agree that expanding the total number of members seems like a bad idea. It would just mean guilds would become less competitive as all the best players are further consolidated in a couple of guilds.

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Yeah @Tarcet, I think I agree with you completely. While I want these guys to enjoy the game, I recognise that increasing guild size would impact guild tasks. Especially for smaller guilds such as mine.

Anybody wanting to join my guild is of course very welcome to! :smiley: