New Guild Help

Hey everyone!! I used to play Gems of War on my PlayStation but have switched to playing on Steam. Since they aren’t linked, I have to start over.

I created a guild and for right now, it’s just me and my fiance. My brother is level 16 and will join by the weekend most likely but I am looking to recruit some members to join and help out the guild.

My finance is learning the game but my brother and I are experienced players. We were both level 100+ on console and it kinda crushes me having to start over.

Can anyone lend a hand and help out our tiny guild? Our guild is Rock N’ Gems.

Much appreciated and thanks for reading!


Hi Phat,

Recruiting has been kind of tough of late, particularly for new guilds. If you’re open to joining a guild family, that might be a way to go for you. I’m part of the Throne of Odin Guild family. We have 8 different guilds with varying requirements. Several of them are beginner guilds. I enjoy it because we have a lot of helpful people and players can move freely between guilds (as openings permit) when playtime availability changes. As a veteran player, I imagine you might want to switch guilds as you level and that would be an easy thing to do with us.

We could get all three of you into Gems Stormers for the time being and then you could see if that continues to be a good fit or if you might want to move elsewhere.

Feel free to come check out our Discord to see if we feel like a good fit for you:

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