Rank 101 and growing fast! Feel free to ask any questions!


So you have no other weekly requirements? How many members are in the guild? Thanks.

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Thank you for asking!

We found we were more successful in player activity and contribution if we let people just play how they like. So no, we do not have any requirements other than a notice if they will be gone for more then 5 days. :smiley:

Currently we have 28/30 members.

May I ask, if you are looking for a guild, what are you most looking for while being in one?

Thanks for responding. I am looking for balance. I have been in a hard core, take no prisoners guild and am currently in a guild in which almost no one plays. I play multiple days per week and contribute good amounts of gold and seals. I am looking for a guild of similar players. I have been playing steadily for a long time. Thanks.

Oh awesome!

It sounds like our guild would be perfect for you.

Joining within the next few hours would be perfect too! We complete a lot of tasks on Monday morning.

If you are wanting to join go ahead and message me your invite code. (Unless you are over 1,000 then it’s open)

PS4: InfernoOfLilith
Guild: Corpsegrinders

Feel free to message me or send a party invite if you have more you would like to discuss.

If you are choosing to hold off on the offer, then I respect that as well and hope you the best of luck on your guild endevors. :heart:

Thank you kindly
Guild Leader
PS4 - Corpsegrinders

I would love to join. No invite code necessary. I can sign back in tonight to join. I am in US mountain time. What time is most of the guild in?

Thank you for joining and welcome to the guild!

Most of us are in the states and in the UK.

So it’s a mixture. Most the activity is in the evening, however the Senpai Ranked players answer throughout the day on their phone♡


I’ve been playing gems of war (on ps4) for a while now but I still seem to not get all of it. I was wondering, if you were interested in letting me join your gilde, but I would probably need a lot of help. I never played events, mostly I played just for fun, but with some help I might be a good part of the community.

Thanks for your response.

We currently just have 30/30 people, but if you message me on PS4 at InfernoOfLilith I definitly will message you next time we have an opening to see if you are still interested. :slight_smile:

I apologize for the inconvenience.

Thank you kindly
Guild Leader
PS4 Corpsegrinders