Gems of War "Team Builds" Community (ps4) and Club (Xbox)

I don’t know if this could be helpful or not, but I created a Community on PS4 and Club on Xbox called “Gems of War Team Builds”. They’re open to everyone to join.

A place to discuss all things regarding team builds, counter teams, looping, guild wars and so on. Also troop discussions. Help me create a place for new players to find advice and experienced players to find new ideas or help out others. This could become a useful tool if enough are interested.

I’ll leave them up for the time being and remove later if it doesn’t catch on. Perhaps this isn’t needed since we have these forums, but I was interested myself and couldn’t find anything on either platform that suited my interest. Most of the communities and clubs I found were filled with post on guild recruitment.

Thanks :thinking:


I hope they catch on. It’s always fun to see player team discussions.


On the Gems of War Discord Channel they have a “Share your Team” section that I believe already does all of this. Have you checked it out there are hundreds if not thousands of teams up albeit the sorting isn’t the best on Discord and the discussion aspect is missing for the most part.

Most of us on console probably don’t use Discord.

There’s a mobile version of Discord. Works very well and I know you’re guilty of second-screening!

Point taken RX but if you have a PC or smart phone it really is a great App to have especially for Gems of War I use it about 90% more than these forums. It’s faster and imo better “medium” for quick discussions and communications from Oz and the others


Im aware. Im also aware that each platform has its own specific issue with communication, in different forms. To be fair, console has one of the better iterations, in as much as one can directly communicate with other players, full stop, let alone without downloading a 3rd party app. I recognise your name Calvin, you and I have fought in the past, I can find you, in game, and send you a DM. Great!

Mobile/PC is sadly lacking in that respect. No direct DM, No recourse for communication. Anyway, I forget what, if any, point I intended to make.

I’m an old man. I’ve heard of this Discord thing a few times. How do you start using it in a fast/useful way for GoW collaboration?

Link: Discord
That’s the GOW Discord server.

After you click the link, just accept the invite, and you are good to go.

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Please enjoy this :cake:

edit: Wait I don’t see anything happening there and I can’t post even though the 10 minutes is up. Shrug.

You mean no one is talking? or, the link isn’t working?

The link works but I don’t know what is happening when I get there. No chat for over an hour, and I can’t comment. So I don’t know really. I’ll try again tomorrow to figure it out.

Krudler did you get your discord app working? are you using your PC or a smart phone?


Oh man I forgot. Let me go check it out again.

Ok…Yeah I’m in. Looks like I was half distracted when investigating the first time and just didn’t enter a chat.

I have PC, phone, tablet.

edit: Got it going on both… friend me my man