Looking to build a new guild on gems of war. (Must Read)

I have had a gaming community since 2008 for various games. Our main game when we started was call of duty and since then have advanced into many other games. We have revamped since then and this year we are looking to go full force in our community. I would like to start a gems of war guild for our gaming community and looking for members who would like to join and build a successful guild. Looking for my gems of war Co leaders who will help build and come up with requirements for others to join. If your interested please add me on ps4 @ richardG800. I have created various community pages for different people to join but our main community that was started is for anybody who Plays games on ps4. Message me online for link to community if u just wanna join our gaming community. We will be working with different vendors for clan/guild sponsorships for various items. Hope to hear from a lot of you soon who are looking to build a successful guild. :smile:

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