Syndicate of Sorrows - Recruiting! (PS4)


Hey, guys! I’ve been playing Gems of War for a couple months now on the PS4, and started a guild about that long ago. While initially we got a decent number of people, a lot of them were inactive and I was forced to remove them, hoping that more industrious people would replace them. Unfortunately, that hasn’t happened, and it’s just me and two others that play off and on but are generally active.

That said, we want you! We’re currently in the Silver II League through the efforts of the three of us and we have several elemental bonuses already, but I know we could go so much farther if you joined us. The level requirement is very low (10), but I’m looking for people who enjoy the game enough to play it fairly regularly throughout a standard week. You don’t have to be hardcore, I know I’m not! We currently have 12 spots available, and I’d be thrilled to get even one response. Just post with your invite code, if you’re able to figure that out (I know the PS4 version is sort of confusing regarding this, though it’s generally just your username, I think?)

Thanks in advance, and happy warring!