Looking for new guild

Hello all, I’ve been a player of gems of war for about a month now and in that month I’ve been part of a very inactive guild where I am basically the only one playing everyday. I’m at level 127 at the moment. Rank 2 in my guild. I make it to number 1 for PvP every week, I log on everyday. So acquired 593 trophies. Contributed 453,943 to tasks. 17 kingdoms 100 troops. If these are the type of specs you are looking for I need to be in your guild. With active enough members who contribute close to equally. I’d love to remain a rank 2 so I can keep upgrading masteries. Thank you in advance to anyone who reads this. Thank you to those who respond. :grinning:

Join team bezoar, I’ll make u rank 2. I’ve got 3 serious contributors and am now heavily messaging for new members to the website. We will grow.

What’s your daily bonus %?

Silver tier 1 - 30%, might go up a tier if you add trophies when joining

Tried code Nad_hope, says does not exist, maybe servers

Mine is at diamond +64%…

My user name on the game is Nadz

You’re guild bonus? Thought you were looking to switch guilds?

Yeah we’re low but I just started this team, 3 players contributing total daily

Well I’m pretty much doing it all by myself. Only 2 other active regularly and it’s still not much.

Invite code is displayed when you try to join a new guild, those names keep saying does not exist. Seems like you’re not interested, eh?

Join and quit if you don’t like, I’m never going to quit this game, played all of the puzzle quests, beat them, glactrix so my guild will hop up there eventually.

OK how do I join your team

Nadz_yqf is code

Nadz_yqhf sorry

Well I’ve only successfully invited one person, my wife on this same console but with a different login so this should work: you’ll have to bail on your current guild(kinda scary but they’ll probably let u back in if you want ;-)’ then when you go back to join a new guild you complete invite code should be displayed. Something with an underscore xxx_xxxxx

Shoot me that, I’ll send an invite and you should see team bezoar as a selection on the guild join page.

NADZ_YQHF that’s my code

You’re invited

I’m there now!