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Quimby - Currently in BRACKET 1 looking for a good player to join our friendly and very active guild

Hi everyone! I’m new to the forum and this is my very first post and thread.
I’ve played gems of war everyday since it was released, OK I know that sounds ridiculous but I love it and occasionally I’ve only logged in to collect the daily reward etc. The thing is that my girlfriend and I are struggling to keep up, we both are very busy and have other interests too! Despite this we’ve managed to get a few decent members and climb the ranks into the champions league! However we only really have ten regular players and I’m looking for a real boost with some new blood. The guild is called ‘quimby’ after the guy who used to produce the Tom and Jerry cartoons for some bizarre reason. My psn Id is dan_ozzzy189 but if sending a friend request please mention GOW. Cheers!
I will start to make room for new members once I’ve had some interest. We’ve had this guild since the beginning and really want to do well and share the rewards. I’m currently at around lvl 750. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks again
Daniel (dan_ozzzy189 and Jane (ladybugg1971)


@Dan_ozzzy189, Hope you can find some good new members here :smile:

For the record, I am in a different guild but he is a good guy and am hoping that he can find some great active members to join :wink:

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Hi Graeme (spelt it wrong previously, sorry),
I was waiting for the update and had 500 gems saved up in case vip chests
became available to buy but was advised to buy dragon armor instead. So I
I’m also working on building the kingdoms stan recommended to give more
glory rewards.
One of my favourite teams is mythic TREANT, green seer, dryad and rowanne.
I’ve done pretty well with those but need traits on rowanne and green seer.

Hi Everyone !
A guy called jungmong or something just joined then left! Not sure what’s
going on there! Come back!!! Lol


If your guild is available to join without invitation, people may randomly join using the in-game guild finding system. They’ll pop in, have a look at the roster to see how many active players there are, what the guild masteries are, etc., and then decide whether they want to stay or not. I wouldn’t take it personally!

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@Dan_ozzzy189, Yup, you will quite often get randoms joining and then leaving a few seconds later. It used to bother me but I would rather have that happen than someone join, make little or no contribution and then just hang around claiming all the guild rewards the active members are making. There are still a lot of decent players out there looking for guilds so I wish you the best of luck.

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Two places available.


I’d really like to join your guild and will try to do so when I will play today’s evening. I’m just begining and have really low level (18th IIRC) - hope that’s not a problem.

I plan to play actively and I am a veteran of previous PQs :slight_smile:

My id is mike_saski or something like that :smiley:

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Hi, I have another low level player and a few who aren’t active, so I will help you. I’ll need your gems of war invite code, not psn id but that’s always nice to have too I suppose! The problem with low level players is that they really need their gold so are unlikely to be contributing much to the tasks. However I will certainly give you a chance to get going in the gems of war universe. Regards, Daniel.

That’s great :slight_smile:

Gold is indeed going away quickly, but I plan to get Tyri and farm some treasure maps (as I find treasure hunt very fun and rewarding). Hope the end encounters of Tyri’s quest won’t be too much for me and it will be a good plan to get some gold more quickly.

I will be playing in about 4hrs and will give you my invite code then. Or try to invite myself with this ‘nephilim’ code of ours.


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Hello to everyone…
I’m in a guild…
We have no precise rules…(4 example…100 trophies at week)… we r 152 place I think…
We need active players, and they can play not obligatory 4 100 trophies…

Only 4 fun…
Who wanna come in?

I’m after a new guild lvl 139 invite code DAVESTOZ easily will meet any requirements asked

I’ve been playing for several months now. lvl 130, will have all kingdoms to lvl 10 in a couple more days and can meet your requirements. Invite code: EPOHLAST

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Guys, if you want to join quimby then this is the right thread, if you are trying recruit people (jos), then start your own thread. Thanks, will send invites out tonight.

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I’m here for Quimby :slight_smile:

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Ok, my invite code is: SASKI


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Hi Dave, you’re welcome to join Quimby. I’ll invite you later this evening.

Ok thanks


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Hi mate, your code doesn’t exist it says.

That’s not working either dave.