"Dynamites" - Fast growing guild need new active members!

Hi all,
We are currently growing quite fast, but we need to fill some spots in our guild.
We are upgrading so fast we can’t get the spots filled :wink:

We are currently a level 14 guild, ranked 600, and have 1,080 trophies gathered by 3 members in the guild.
We have room for 23 players atm, so when these gets filled with active members we are going to rise much faster.

All are welcome to join as long as you are active and earn trophies/donate gold to help improve the guild, and get even more bonusses for all :wink:

To join our guild search for our guild “Dynamites”, or write your invite code here or in a psn message to me, Fuod88, and I will add you.

Hope to see you join our cause :wink:

  • Fuod

do you know where I could find my invite code

my invite code is MCGREGGER

I earn about 20 trophies a day or more, and I always donate a lot

please reply soon

Hi Mcgregger.

I’ve tried to add you today, but you are always in a guild, you need to leave that guild first in order for me to add you.

If you already have joined another guild, I wish you all the best :smiley:
If not please write here when you have left your current guild.

  • Fuod

im sorry to inform you but I have joined the #50 guild at random, they are looking for members if you want to join we would be glad to have you

Yes okay, good you found something :slight_smile:

Thanks for the invite, but I want this guild to flourish though it’s quite a challenge to get enough members to get to the top :wink:

So after starting Gems of War on PS4 and joining a random guild, I found that the guild master is never online and myself and a few other members are toiling away while 90 mana bonus points go unused. It’s madness! lol

So I’m looking for a guild to join, contribute, share in the rewards and take advantage of some mana bonuses!

Invite code is CREED_3. Not currently in a guild. I’m homeless. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

A fast growing, active guild sounds good to me.

Haha that doesn’t sound good :slightly_smiling:
I have tried to send an invite to you, but it doesn’t telt me if the invite has been sent!
If you haven’t gotten my invite, please telt me here, and I will contact support (again) :wink:

Hey Fuod,

I’m at work all day so I can’t check invites right now. Impatiently, I joined another random guild last night that seemed active. Sadly, they too have 30 un-used mana bonus points! These lazy guild masters neglecting the group! lol

I was hoping to find a guild that promotes members, actively distributes mana points and completes tasks for gems and stuff.

I’ll happily leave the guild I joined if Dynamites offers that sort of consistent activity. Hopefully we will be able to coordinate myself leaving a guild with the invite process.

As an aside, this guild business is a horrible mess from a development standpoint. Surely there must be a better way to manage this portion of the game? Auto promotion based on contribution or something? So many guilds seem to be left high and dry after the guild master bails and the members are left in limbo. But I digress.

Hey again :slightly_smiling:
We never have more points than we need for the next upgrade, and we are doing the quests daily, more or less depending on the difficulty we get of cause.

We promote members according to how much the member have donated and trophies gathered for the guild.

I have actually written a ticket to 505, about the strugle with guilds, and gave them some suggestions.
So I hope the will mave some changes to that.

I get notified right when you write here on this thread, so if I am not sleeping or working, I will try to answer right away :slightly_smiling:

Sounds good. I’ll try to post in this thread again when I get home and hopefully I can leave my current guild and join yours shortly thereafter.

I’m in Canada. Hopefully the time zones work out if you’re overseas. :slightly_smiling:

I live in Denmark, I think the time zone is called G+1?
I’ll be up for at least 3 hours, it’s 21:41 (09:41 PM) here now :slightly_smiling:

lol. That’s why we can’t coordinate… we’re 8 hours apart! I have family in Czech Republic and even trying to get a phone cal in is tough with everyone’s schedules.

OK, I’ll leave my guild when I get home in 4 hours and then maybe you can send the invite after that. I wont join another guild and just focus on story missions and challenges in the interim.