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[Discord] GoW Community Server - join us^^

So many times i had a small and simple question about Gems of War but i dont wanted to open a seperate Topic for it. We all know this moments when you have a question but it takes hours / days before someone replies to it.

That is the reason why i started a GoW Community Discord Server - and i invite you to join!
Discord is an all-in-one voice and text chat for gamers. It is free, secure, and works on both your desktop and phone. Some Guilds already use Discord as their Communication Center…


  • get answers to your questions in the chat
  • talk about team compositions and troops
  • share and get codes to redeem
  • you can search for a new guild or members
  • spoiler section for new troops and kingdoms
  • self developed discord bot with GoW related commands
  • over 600 users from around the world

The possibillities are endless - so if you are interested, join the Server:
GoW Community Discord

See you on Discord!
Greets by MrSnake


Yes I’m real Nimhain

(for those who are hanging out in Discord at the moment).

THX for joining @Nimhain

Great idea. Joined. :slight_smile:

Looks really good. I have joined as well.

Are we supposed to do something with the discord bot?

you can assign yourself to a specific platform (pc/mobile or console) and use some other small features…

type ?help and you get a list with all commands.

but the most features are just for moderators only - to remove messages, ban people and such stuff^^

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We’ve been using Discord for about a month as a guild chat server, and love it!

Hope you don’t mind, I stole your gem emotes :wink:

i will add some more like the skull when i have time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I could imagine guild section(s) administrated by each guild, especially for those already in discord. No clue if this risks running into # of channels allowed.

that is not neccessary because everyone is able to create a server for their own guild -> for FREE.

many guilds already use discord for communication and it is supposed to be connected to multiple servers at the same time…

my server is intended to be the “community” server where everybody can participate and ask questions. some people may connect because there is a higher chance to get some codes to redeem ingame - some may have questions according game mechanics or team builds^^

but thanks for your feedback @Kharybdys, i appreciate it!

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I am so tempted to join.

the first 50 users joined us on discord now - the server growes really well^^

what you get:

  • a channel for GoW related questions, with many experienced players that answer
  • a channel where several team compositions can be shared
  • guild recruiting channels for pc/mobile and console
  • a channel for codes that raise your chance to redeem one
  • gow related emojis -> HYPE

Join us now

also i want to thank @Nimhain, @Sirrian and Vexx for joining our server

next step will be the mark of 100 users :wink:
see you soon


id join a LINE group for gow (its crossplatform chat application for PC, iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, and Nokia)
discord just wont work on my mobile devices

discord is prefered by many users because you dont have to install something on your device - just open a browser and go to the website…

on my pc i have not installed discord - i just open it in my browser and use it for text and voice chat
only for my mobile device i use the android app when i am not at home

And Line has awesome Cony and Brown stickers

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we are close to the first 100 user’s mark at the moment - tendency upwards!

also we have a new channel for spoilers right now - maybe you want to have a look and discuss what is coming next…

THX to @Sirrian for tweeting the Server Link :wink:


I have a little suggestion for “codes” channel: make it so that only a few people (admin? specific people?) can post messages there. Like you, Nimhain, Sirrian, Tacet etc.

It’s kinda frustrating when you see/hear a notification and it’s just someone else saying thanks :slight_smile: I have notifications on only for codes and gow-questions, for example, so it doesn’t distract me too much from work.

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i see your point - but for now this will not be realized.

if i change it - everyone who wants to share a code has to send it to a mod / dev and he / her has to post it in code channel… none of us is available all the time when we appear online, so the code will be in the channel much later - and in some cases maybe too late to redeem.

i will try to take care of this situation with standard moderation tools next time, maybe we have another solution in the future because i want to build a discord bot for our server. i am not this experienced with coding such bots, so if someone wants to help - please contact me :wink:

Great idea to have another chat channel

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