(I have found a guild, please ignore.)


Thank you everyone, I have found a new guild to call home. :slight_smile:



TUF: Power Gems has high GW reqs but fairly easy other reqs (500k/1300s/150t). Will be in Bracket 1 next week… I think this would be a great fit for you! @Doordash_Support

Also 3 other guilds including #3 Unrepentant :wink:


Hey Doordash, not much of a forum guy but if you want details on a guild that fits your needs give me a DM on discord Goodly#6166.


Hi Doordash,
I am with TUF Power Gems. I think that our guild would be a great fit for you, TUF is a very friendly super guild with amazing people and support as well.
With the help and support of TUF we were able to rebuild Power Gems to former glory. We will be in bracket 1 next week and I couldn’t be happier.
You can visit and see for yourself http://discord.gg/Zj9dVhz
Or DM me if you would like.


We could use some good people in bracket 1 next week. TUF:Power Gems is a great place and if you want more legendaries there’s also Unrepentant. Ask around were a fun place to play. Some guilds will work you like it’s a job. We treat you like family.