Weekly guild wars


RIP, you won’t be missed :+1: :joy:


Hear, hear :beers:


What is the point of this thread?


For people that are in lousy guilds, or simply lousy players, to troll the more successful guilds/players that like and are good at guildwars.


I will be sorry to see Guild Wars go to once every three weeks. I finally made it to paragon in my guild!


Shame that is a poor assumption. I’m certainly not in a lousy guild or am I @Santandrix? I also wouldn’t call a 50k average guild wars lousy.


i never rlly thought anyone liked gw tbh just thought the top guilds players enjoyed the gems from it xD


I loved the strategy but not the capriciousness associated with Guild Wars. I’m also really looking forward to the two new game modes to see what they have to offer!



I’ll drink to that! :beers:


The only benefit from it is the gems :+1:


I like guild wars but don’t mind it being every 3 weeks as long as the other modes are fun. This will give you more time to set up defenses and everything. This game needs some variety to be honest.


New modes will be refreshing, nothing wrong with variety :+1:


I don’t mind guild wars, but I did find it stressful (all self imposed) because I wanted to do well for my guild. I’m looking forward to the new ways of stressing myself out for no good reason. :wink:


Or it just gets to be a drag and when everyone sees you as a threat, you get the same damn defenses every day. We are not a lousy guild at all. Thank you!

So long guild wars, seeya again soon, I hope the new content is even more fun!


Comes with the territory of being a top end guild :wink:


I have been taking notice of what gets set for us, and all 6 days it’s the worst of the worst and we still snag top 5, I’m proud of our guild, that’s for sure!


Not too lousy then :joy:


Being the best scorer in our guild, I lost 3 this week, definitely ready for new stuff.

Overall though, we are pretty lousy and like to troll.:joy:


We use a spreed sheet for scores, so it’s a fact not a guess, I’m not bashing my guild at all, just saying even good players are ready for new stuff.