Why Guild Wars, WHYYYYYYY

Every since Guild Wars was added into the game we have gone through 20-30 alone in my guild and it is becoming harder and harder to find people that are able to meet the easy requirements and participate in GW. I wish there was some way that we could get around this, such as maybe only counting the top 25 members attacks for the day. Anyways I am just saying that I wish that people could find a way to do GW everyday and also find fun in the game as much as I still do.


I really enjoy guild wars and it has made me find a new passion for gems of war. Seems like most in the forum don’t like it but unsure why? It’s made me use teams I never would have before and want to trait so many more troops. Really got me interested again :slight_smile:


Same, I really find fun in trying to make teams that are all the same color.


Exactly, my teams aren’t perfect but I like the challenge of trying to improve and find better troops to fit my teams all the time. Wish I knew why others hated it so much…


I really enjoy doing guild wars on my other account. I think the main majority of people frustrated with guild wars are on the top 3 brackets. Teams here are mindnumingly annoying with only a few viable options each day as counters. In trying to get perfect 6,300 score each day, it can take nearly a full hour due to how slow most of the perfect score teams can take.


Our guild has lost about 2 players per week since GW. Prior to that, about 1/month.
Most of the players are explicitly quitting the game, not the guild.
[Also, as a top 25 guild–we used to be #20, there really aren’t that many “better” guilds to leave us for. Many guilds expect high turnover, I understand that.]

So anecdotally I am seeing a 5-10 rise in people uninstalling the game. Realistically, even at 2x that’s still quite significant.

As Tacet says, we are a Top 25 guild (i.e., GW matters at this level) but having only 28/30 in GW has dropped us to 4th tier in GW.

Which is fine, as far as that goes, but it would have been easier to take if it were due to factors within our control.

We don’t tell any of our members what to do in GW, there’s zero pressure from the guild related to GW.
So if there is GW stress it is inherent to GW or the player, it’s not coming from us.


This is the reason I’m walking away from GW and all the rewards that come from being in a top 10 guild. These fights are also frustrating in that there is little variety and sometimes you can never get out from under Famine if the board doesn’t give you the mana you need on these limited color teams.

Even though Tacet is fairly low pressure as a leader and that I have a few “passes” because I’ve bought keys for everyone, I feel terrible when I can’t win my matches to be competitive with the other top 10 guilds… so it turns the game from casual to hardcore… and as a former hardcore gamer, this game has too many random elements to make hardcore playing fun or interesting unless you’re a gambling fan. Me, I tend to like RTS games where there is little to no random so I can plan accordingly… if I’m gonna do hardcore gaming.


I agree with Tacet. I really think this is a problem at the top. Our guild is solidly in bracket 13 and guild wars has been the best thing that’s ever happened to our guild. We have more players actively playing each week than ever before. This week will be the first time we ever hit 30,000 seals. Our guild chat frequently includes as many triumphs about winning a difficult match as it includes frustration about losing a difficult match. We discuss effective team ideas and GW has been the best thing to happen for a sense of camaraderie in our guild. It hasn’t been perfect, but for us, GW has been a significant net gain in our enjoyment of the game. It’s significant to note that we do not see 90% of our opponents fielding double Kerby, Forest Guardian, Famine teams. We see them occasionally, but not constantly. We almost never see multiple fully traited Apocalypse teams.


there are 2 solutions for this

  1. dont worry about winning so much
  2. dont worry about color bonus and just take your strongest pvp team