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Another GW, Another Bunch Of Garbage

So at this rate it will take my guild a year to crawl up this garbage filled ladder, halfway.

Over half our opponents should have been dropped down 1000 spots. They aren’t even half filled guilds and the guild we’re fighting today is about as tough as my guild would be if we were all level 200.

The tier above is even worse.

Good job devs.

Wouldn’t want to clean up your brackets and make it actually competitive.

Make sure to keep the inactive guilds flooding up your GW event.

You’re doing a great job.

Hopefully this week winds up as intelligently designed as that last event you spit out the door.

In other words, don’t lift a finger to clean up these brackets.

You’re doing great.



They won’t do it. What they also won’t do is prevent rogue guild spamming. It is impossible to permanently prevent infiltration from the ALTS of rival guilds who have no ambition other than to prevent your progression. I totally respect and empathise with the frustration you feel when you are working hard. But as you progress, the subterfuge you experience that the devs don’t care about or in fact encourage will create an entirely new “situation”.


Best option to do get rid of the garbage event GW anyway it’s pointless just like PvP was and always has been.


I actually enjoy Guild War, although I agree that the progression is slow.

After about a year and a half of winning our bracket every month, my guild is still in a bracket where about half of the guilds score zero points for the entire week.

I wish that any guild that doesn’t participate at all would not be automatically registered for the next Guild War. That would at least remove some of the bloat and speed up progression.


Unless it’s been changed recently, guilds are not automatically registered for GW. The guild has to manually register.


Yeah, but I think what @Sublime_Eimar is actually asking for is “If a guild scores 0 points—literally does not play—then that guild cannot register for the next war (and thus drops more quickly to the bottom).

It’s a decent idea. Easily gamed by anyone in that guild fighting even one fight (to presumably get their rewards and/or accomplish their goal of being a barrier to progress for other guilds, if that is their goal). But at least worth a shot to help clean things up—and not just reorganize drastically overnight.

I know what the slog is like. Unforgiven III had to slog through dead guilds for over a year before making it into the top 10, actually competitive brackets. Hard to build a guild from the ground up when people can just more easily join the already established top.

We did it anyway. But others shouldn’t have to.

For the Horde I suggest the following: If your guild scores less than 10% of the first guild to score above 0 points, then your Guild drops 50 Brackets (or something more conservative, if you must :rofl:)

Feeds two birds with one scone—0 point guilds and guilds that have no business being in their current bracket.


That’s an interesting suggestion @Magnusimus I’ll chuck it on the Quality of Life board for consideration.

Side note: not necessarily a perfect solution but I made a note that it’s a way to help active guilds climb faster while only penalisinbg Guilds who register then don’t participate at all, so it could be there’s a solution along that vein in there somewhere.


Some examples from my current Bracket (87, PC/Mobile):

(Granted, it’s early days, but let’s see if we can have a look at their Rosters:)



CompanionsOfTheHall didn’t show up in the Guild search (I’m assuming not open-invite, as they have 26/30).

I hope this helps to tell a bit of a story, and it’s really not unique. I’ve had a look in other weeks, at the end of the week, too. Even if there are 1 or 2 players still logging on, and potentially playing some battles, I think realistically they still fall under

When you only have a few members playing, there just isn’t any way you’ll be able to stack up, even just against the bonus points from setting unique defences from 27 members for the week (27 * 12,000 = 324,000).

The point I’d realllllly like to make here though is that you can reliably tell whether a guild is relatively inactive (and/or roughly how old it is) just by looking at the ratio of their League Rank to Guild Wars Rank - within certain parameters - and I think this is a problem.

Have a look at the 3 guilds mentioned here:

In each of the cases, their League Rank is higher than their Guild Wars Rank.

Compare this to the top of the Bracket:

This would be such a simple starting point for an examination into guilds that are in either much too low or much too high a GW bracket!

What I’d also reallly, really like is for someone from the development team to have a look at one of these guilds, particularly the ones with the really egregious LR:GWR ratios (e.g. Sscannacrani, or similar), and look at their previous GW results to see how many weeks it has gone on like this, and how many brackets they’ve dropped each time - and then either post the results here, or explain how it’s either fair or good.

And while I’m dreaming, yes, I would like a pony.


I’d wager they drop 2 brackets max, but since they are in the same bracket, 2 probably will only drop 1. I don’t know which will finish 10th if all 3 have 0 points.




I like the feedback that all of you gave, and i’m so glad an actual dev responded to someone on this.

So much better than last month everyone saying “this is as intended no plan to change it”.

Volatility, upward or downward, is just needed here, for guilds that are point wise, severely outmatched. Maybe rages of tiers, have greater volatility of movement. Top tiers being the least moved.

Guilds not reaching specific percentages of points the top guilds in a bracket got, should be dumped down the list way more than a “conservative” 50 brackets. 50 would have that guild mess with other active guilds for a year or more.

Such guilds need to be catapulted back to the stone age where they belong, let them compete with comparable powered/active guilds. They won’t even complain… they already know they don’t belong where they are GW wise.

But also, upward mobility needs to happen, so they too, if they become active again, can launch up fast.

A YEAR, of waiting to get half way up this thing, can’t be accepted for what is IMO the biggest draw of this game, Guild Wars.

In fact I hope they come up with a new guild V guild event as well.

Brings pvp to life.

SIDE ISSUE… it would be REALLY nice if the brackets weren’t entirely random fights… maybe the last fight of the week, or maybe 2 fights, let the top guilds choose who they fight. Friday “do you want to fight a top 3 guild on saturday?” … Saturday “do you want to fight a top 3 guild on sunday”… Priority in votes given to the top guilds. i really hate fighting nothing guilds all week, and miss out on a lone actual competitive fight.

Some of you higher up guilds maybe forgot how needlessly bad all this GW stuff can get competition wise.

This event, can be made perfectly great for all.

I just hope it’s easy to do.


guild wars top scores

These guilds that get some of the highest scores overall should be fast tracked to the top 100.