Problems with GW, from the other side

This is an old complaint, but one that’s been “in the works” for since before 4.0, and we’re up to 4.2.5 already.

Seriously, how have we not found a solution to the fact that 9/10 guilds in a bracket are effectively dead, and the one good guild can only move a dozen brackets or so no matter how much they dominate? My guild is a secondary guild, and still we’re already at 800k points in our bracket after only three days.But we’re in bracket 130 ish and won’t be able to find actual opponents for about 6 more months!

This shouldn’t be hard. This is a solved problem. Just google ELO or Match Making Rating. Or find some other simple solution to make ANY improvements. Here’s I’ll help:

At the beginning of a Guild Week, before you are allowed to DO ANYTHING in the Guild Week stuff, you must click some giant OKAY button. If fewer than five people in a guild click on the OKAY button in a given week, they WILL NOT BE QUEUED IN THE FOLLOWING GUILD WEEK!

Seriously, two thirds of the guilds we encounter still don’t have 5 active members, let alone members who are actually serious about participating in the guild. This would instantly clean up so much of the trash!

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Guilds with no activity whatsoever should be deleted by the devs after a week or so. Also, make starting a guild more expensive, like 1000 gems, so people cant start growing them like weed.


No, no and no. Yes inactive guilds should somehow be removed from the game but GW brackets is the consequence of you making a new guild in a game.
You can’t just expect to be jumping hundreds of brackets. Before the change some guilds waited a year+ to get to higher brackets… some guilds will still wait that long lol.
You’ll just have to keep dominating them inactive brackets for the time being.

This is the fixed situation. The part where a guild can move “at most dozens” of brackets is new. Used to, a build could move “at most one” bracket and it was miserable.

The issue is you only get one chance to move per month.

Used to you got 52 chances to move per year. So even though we can estimate you can move around a dozen brackets in the right situation, instead of “we might gain 52 slots this year” you can now gain 48. Somehow the devs found a way to increase movement by 12x but subtract 4 from your potential standing.

While I agree dead/small guilds should sink in the rankings, if you’re in the low 100s I question how many of those there must be. If there are “any at all” then I don’t know wtf is going on and yeah, remove them.

I don’t think GW can really continue to survive as a competitive mode as-is. The once-per-month setup makes it really hard for me to come up with a way the brackets should be set up that is both fair to new guilds and rational. It will limp along because the top few brackets are pretty happy to wrestle with each other, but that’s not an ideal scenario for the game as a whole.

But again, I haven’t heard or had an idea that sounds like it’d really help here.

I suggested the following change AGES ago, not sure if any devs saw it or not. There should only be 100 brackets (top 1000 guilds). All other guilds would be in one super massive bracket called “bracket 101”.

The 2 highest scoring guilds from 101 move up to 100 and the 2 lowest in 100 move down.

Rewards are all the same for all brackets after 100 anyway and this way at least new guilds can start their climb from 100.

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