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Guild Wars Revamp Needed

As Guild Wars is currently set up newer guilds are being punished. As designed, you can only increase your rank a max of two brackets per GW. You start so far down in the ranks that you are competing against inactive guilds, single person guilds or both!

Take today for example, we played against a solo person guild, all five matches vs the same person. The person hadn’t set his defense (or didn’t care) for the GW color of the day and has zero points, so isn’t active.

Looking at the brackets that I can see (ours and one above and below us), of the 30 guilds, 10 of the guilds (an entire bracket worth) have not participated at all, not a single point amongst them, you do get points for a loss, so they have zero participation.

The bracket we’re in, we lead with 548k points, the second closest guild in our bracket has 59k. Looking at the bracket above us, the leading guild has 654k (most likely in a similar situation to us) and another guild with 109k points. Below our bracket, the leading guild has 71k points.

I don’t say this because I want or feel we deserve a large jump in brackets. I say this because i would actually like to play against other ACTIVE guilds!

I would like to see a timeframe set for inactive guilds. If your guild hasn’t participated in x number of guild wars, welcome to the magic slide, a ride all the way to the bottom of the bracket list, therefore pushing active guilds up to where they can compete against other active guilds. If

Same goes for solo or smaller guilds that don’t want to fill their rosters. Congratulations on being active, but if you are constantly only scoring 10k points, vs a guild scoring 100k+ every week… weeee down the slide you go… on the bright side, your ride isn’t as far down as those with zero participation, but you need to clear the way for those of us that want competition!

If it’s not that simple, then at the very least remove the two bracket max. jump. Even this would allow guilds like ours and the one winning the bracket in front of us to leapfrog a lot of these guilds scoring zero each GW.

Sorry to be so long winded!

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I feel your pain. My guild is in the same boat. However, this topic has been brought up many times. The devs have stated that they know it is a problem and that they are working on a solution. They haven’t given a solid time frame for when we will see this change.


You think that it would be quite simple…guilds are ranked by how many points they score, plain and simple. As of right now, my guild has the highest score in our bracket, and also in the next bracket above us. You just rank all participating guilds by their score for that week and then split that up by brackets for the next GW. If you have a couple of people on vacation for a week, then you might fall quite a few brackets. However. when the next GW rolls around and everyone is active, you get a higher score and then move back up again. Piece of cake.


It wouldn’t surprise me if it’s going to be part of the massive 4.0 update. After all, in the update we’re getting a new map (probably with at least 5 kingdoms), delves, bug fixes, and new bugs (just joking), so putting a Guild Wars revamp on the to-do list is pretty likely.

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I don’t think that’s the case. But, maybe we will see something after they finish 4.0.

What happen to the 27 best gw score? I guess we will never see it

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Didn’t they say they weren’t planning to do that any longer in one of the Twitch streams?

Maybe i missed it, i skipped couple stream when no spoilers they are boring

Yeah the way GW is set up right now, it means the old, estabilished guilds will be in power forever. It takes so long for a new guild to rise the ranks, odds are the talent from within them will just try to move to an established guild.

That said, I swear the devs said recently “a revamp” is “in the works”.

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For an event that happens only once in a while the devs could make all scores reset weekly and the final placement would be defined by the highest score each guild reaches. But the top guilds would certainly feel they are getting the short end of the stick as they don’t have a “safe zone” anymore, also some of these guilds would have even more pressure about their requirements in such particular weeks.

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Bracket 191, we were bracket 198 last time. based on our past jumps, i am guessing we will be in bracket 186 next time. Every week its the same. I have another guild around bracket 100 it looks pretty similar. most weeks. The time it will take to get to a place with some competition is ridiculous… image


Based on your comment, it seems they are allowing guilds to jump more than two brackets, which is good, but also doesn’t provide much hope in the issues being resolved.

It also shows just how bad the issue might be, as our guild (the semi-casual portion of a larger guild) is ranked in the 2000s, Bracket 240! You are having similar issues up at 190s.

Looking at the rank list in game, in Bracket 239 you have two guilds ranked 2389, then in Bracket 240 you have another two guilds ranked 2389.

You also have a guild in Bracket 240 ranked 2398 and another two in Bracket 241 ranked 2398. You have zero ranked 2399 or 2400, but have two listed at 2405 and three 2406. Again 1/3 of those guilds having zero participation in the current GW.

The issue of dead or hardly alive guilds slowing progress of other guilds has been discussed before. My suggestion in this thread will hopefully get implemented one day.

Basically have the brackets only go to 100 and all other guilds lower than that would be in one super huge bracket called “Bracket 101”

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Here is our records of our brackets, we were jumping up 30 at a time for a while, but that has slowed down
GW (BRACKET) 267 294 271 251 234 218 (data not updated for a couple of cycles) 198 191. the week we went from 267 to 294 we finished second to a guild that barely beat us. This is another problem, getting second place on those brackets, should not push you back 30 spots… we got second place in the bracket, 6 weeks later, we still had not fully recovered our position…


Looks like you had a few close calls there.

@Elarcadia The issue with moving guilds into brackets that are relative to their total scores is that different brackets have different difficulties in a sense. Say, my guild who is in bracket 1 on PS4 gets 500,000 (for simplicity), and is located at rank 3 of bracket 1. The top bracket is tougher, so more causalities, sometimes only Tri-color teams, and basically score less than, say, bracket #3’s top guild who mowed over the competition. I know score is relative to the power of the opposing player, but it’s not impossible for them to play a guild on vacation, going through a rough spot, etc. who is of similar or even higher power, therefore scoring normally for their bracket’s points totals. This guild scores 500,001 points, and now moves above us.

I’ve seen reasonable propositions of jumping 5, 10, 20 slots, or even much higher amounts but perhaps this should only work until you are in the top (insert bracket number) bracket, then it steadily drops in scale to fit more balanced into the competitive brackets.

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