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Same thing with a GW Brackets Assignment

Guys, I have read all the threads about slow climbing of the new Guild between brackets even when it supposes to be much much higher, minding the competitors in the bracket assigned. I have own guild on PS4 GoW - Crazy Russian Gems, there are 30 members already and even though it was formed on the 5th of January this year (2020) most of our members are 1000+, moreover our guild is at the top 300 already (to this moment we’re on 256th place) based on the Trophies.

However, our bracket - due to this is our 3rd Guild War - is only 132, and it will be at least a year until we reach at least 3rd or 4th bracket, which is a pain because all the time we have to beat the kids - our competitors are gaining at most 40k per War whereas we gain 150-180k per day. So the suggestion is as follows: maybe when assigning the brackets you will mind the overall Guild Trophies rating as well, so the active guilds would be on the corresponding brackets?

So the guilds that are, for example, 256 will be battling in the 30th bracket with 255, 254, 253 etc,etc. It will be much more fair as:

  1. Guilds that are active will be battling with each other;
  2. Guilds that have earned their trophy position and not active anymore will be dropped to the lower bracket based on the results - I’m telling this because there is 60% of guilds in our bracket now do not even show to the fight.
  3. Freshly made guilds with low level players will not be beaten up and discouraged by stronger Guilds.

It is a win-win scenario if you consider reworking GW bracket assignment based on the aforementioned suggestion.

I appreciate your positive response.


As an addition, right now, on the second place in our bracket is a Guild that is on 1242 place by trophies.

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Trophies rank is meaningless. Only your skill in guildwars should be used for bracket placement in gw.

Any dead gw guilds should immediately be placed in a “dead pool” no pun intended. Any guild completing at least 27 of their players should immediately be moved up to all other guilds completing 27 or above.

This years long progress through dead guilds is a bunch of crap and the sole reason I have not been able to do what I have always wanted to do in this game which is start a guild with a guildwars focus.


Could you please be more specific in “skill in GW”? As it is said in one of the thread - number of points is pretty similar from bracket to bracket, but earning these points is harder on the higher bracket.

So, let’s say, I have a team of 30 members who earn 180k per day, it’s ~1’080k per GW. Generally, in accordance with the scoring, our guild should be in the 3rd or 4th bracket on the next assignment, which will be a suicide =)

Also, we have several guilds in our bracket with 30 people, who did not come to the battle. So, matching competitors by their number of members is also not a good thing.

Thus, even though you’re saying that trophies rank is meaningless, it shows the level, reached by the Guild till date. And it leaves much space for creativity:

  1. Guilds that earned place some time ago and not active anymore will be eventually pushed down by the active guilds;
  2. Even if such guilds will be assigned to a bracket, they will score less (or 0) and will be pushed down, having their trophy stats in mind.
  3. Next GW for the active guild will have different competitors as they grow on the trophy rank and they, for example won the previous GW.

I’m not telling to consider trophy rank as the only factor, but include this rank to an equation that sorts Guilds by brackets.

If you respond to that particular person, you’ll need to quote the post to which you’re responding when you do so. Otherwise, the post to which you’re responding will just be deleted in 5 minutes, and your response ends up being an out of context non-sequitur :rofl:

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Trophies should have no weight in gw. All trophies represent is how much time you spend playing the game.

If all the players are not playing gw than they should be with others not playing gw. Make a cut off point if you will. If you have 20 or less in your roster you should not even be able to register.
If half your guild does not play you should be penalized in some way.

There are waaaaay too many guilds that just click that register button and dont play at all just to get the rewards from being in gw.

If you have a full 30 roster with all players that play gw it should not take a few years of wading through dead guilds to reach bracket 1 if you win every wars.

It’s a super weak system and should have been fixed years ago. It annoys me beyond belief that if you want to be competitive, than you have to join guilds already in top brackets if you ever want to compete in it.

Your ability to score higher than your opponents. There is no skill in smashing a bunch of dead guilds. Those should be immediately filtered out.

If they want a system to start out a guild somewhere it should be more based on the guilds individual levels and troops.

If I put together a guild with all end game players that are all level 1200+ and have nearly every troop leveled and traited etc. We should not have to play bracket after bracket with 15 guys in each guild that are level 100 to 500 with no real teams etc. I could literally beat the entire bracket with just my hero with the doom weapon of the color day and no other troops.
I might just be able to make a 24 unique defense and play firebombs and still win the bracket.

It’s just no fun playing down there grinding your way through dead guilds when all you want is a challenge.

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I disagree. Trophies are also an indicator to the guild activity. Of course the formula should be more granular rather than “trophy rank=gw bracket”

There are many super active guilds that dont play guild wars. They simply sign up to get the free rewards. Placement should be solely by your wars performance. Your very first wars should throw you up into brackets with full rosters immediately and should only progress forward from there based on your performance.

You should never have to wade through half dead guilds or guilds with full rosters that dont even play. The first wars that 50% of your roster does not play should immediately drop you to the dead pool.

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I had no idea it would be that easy for a new guild to break into the top brackets. Guild Wars is 13 times a year, so a bit over a year from bottom to near top seems reasonable for me.
Oh, and to play at the top bracket, all of your players will need almost all of the mythics.

There’s no need in collecting all the mythics. The major thing here is a good tactics and proper weapons. Sometimes luck plays a good role, we’ve played in thethe 3rd bracket already, waiting for another year beating kids is hilarious

So, another GW is coming. Are there any changes expected?